Saturday, 15 February 2014

Perfect Red Lips Turtorial!

Yet another tutorial, this one I feel more confident doing as I do this near on every blooming day! I love red lips and this is how I get my perfect red lips. I kind of base mine off how Marilyn Monroe did hers, I've become slightly more infatuated with Marilyn over the past few weeks and just kind of wish to replicate her a little more in my style as of recently.

What You'll Need
Red lip liner (Mine is Rimmel 021 Red Dynamite)
2 red lipsticks (I have the Barry M one in shade 121 and the Seventeen in Red Hot Chilli they are also blue undertone lipsticks)
Clear Lipgloss

Step 1 Moisturise and Prepare To prepare my lips before being covered in my red goodness, I use a clean toothbrush over my lips to just remove the dead skin and make them super smooth, I then use my babylips lip balm and wait till this kind of dries a little.

Step 2 Line it Up Now you want to take your lip liner and start drawing round the outline of your lips. I like to make my cupids bow super obvious and to stand out more so I tend to draw these a little more exaggerated and above my natural lip line ever so slightly. I tend to be quite strict on my lips and only really want the cupids bow exaggerated and the rest is uniform. 

Step 3 Lipstick No.1 Now I use my Seventeen lipstick, just simply going round my lips and not going outside the lip liner. This lipstick is super vibrant and bright and I love it! Once rubbing your lips together to make sure your lips are covered you then need a bit of tissue to then blot your lips to take off the extra bit of lipstick.

Step 4 Lipstick No.2 Again this time using your other lipstick, mine is the Barry M lipstick, and again going over your lips, rubbing them together and then blotting to take off the excess.

Step 5 Gloss To make my lips that extra bit more glamorous I like to use gloss on top, I just have a cheap one from Superdrug and its so good. I have a seperate gloss from the rest of my other ones as I have one for specifically applying onto red lipstick, as the wand does normally pick up the red lipstick on your lips. It doesn't matter if your gloss does go a red tint though as it's going on top of your red lips anyway! Just apply the gloss all the way around your lips, rub together and et voila your DONE! 

I super love red lips, and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


Emma Victoria