Saturday, 1 February 2014

V is for Victory Rolls! - Tutorial

Okay so this is something I've only really just started doing myself, I've always been kind of 'scared' of doing victory rolls, just because they looked super complicated and I'm absolutely useless with my hair (and my hair never wants to do anything I want it to do!). You'll have to excuse how messy they are, I did kind of do them really quickly as I've had a tonne of English assignment work to do for college and its important that I got that done first!

 However, I've been asked by a few people on how I do my victory rolls... Please bare in mind I've watched a tonne of YouTube videos, read many blog posts and even asked someone who does them everyday for tips on how to do mine simply and perfectly.

What You'll Need!
Rat tail comb
Lots of Bobby Pins/Grips
Bows (optional)

Step 1 Section your Hair Using your thumbeand first finger you want to section off the hair you want to put into a roll. Put your thumb by the top of your ear, your finger at the top centre of your forehead and scoop the hair into your hands. The picture on the right demonstrates what I mean if it sounded super complicated!

Step 2 Back comb This step is super important and you MUST do this properly, for a neat and tidy roll. Using your rat tail comb, back comb the back of the hair, but back comb to the point the hair stands up on its own, back-combing gives the roll its thickness and the sturdiness for it to stay standing - just like mine on the left. This step is crucial!! 

Step 3 Time to Roll Now you are going to roll the hair, take the ends of your hair and make sure they all come together nicely. Now if you struggle with putting your hair into a roll then you can use curlers/straighteners to just curl the ends of your hair. Now you have to decide whether your rolls will be in the centre or just off to the side, and then roll your hair into place. Take a pin and secure it down (don't worry if hairs are sticking out a little and the hole in the roll isn't there, we will fix this in a few steps!). I normally use two pins and make sure they cross over each other, one being put in from the front the other from the back and make sure its super secure. 

Step 4 Secure Adjust & Spray Now you want to hairspray your roll, I normally spray mine from the back so the front stays nice and polished and neat. Now is when you can sort out the problems, using a rat rail just go round in a circular motion in the middle of your roll, this will help make the hole visible and will push your hair up into the rest of the roll, using hair spray to make it damp inside so that the hair will lay amongst the roll. 

Step 5 The Sides The sides of my hair normally like to be naughty and poof out, so I normally use either spray or wax just to flatten them down and make sure they don't move, if using wax make sure you warm it up a lot in your hands and then going from the bottom (near your ears) pushing up towards the roll to make it stay. 

Step 6 Repeat the steps on the other side. Once you have done this hair style a couple of times you get better and quicker at it. Maybe try doing it a few times when staying in the house just so you can practice!

Step 7 Final spray of hairspray from a distance and you are done. If you want you can add a bow in the middle like I do, just for that little cute effect!

I know mine don't look fantastic in this picture but check out first OOTW of 2014 (here) and you can see them done properly and neatly! 

Well I hope this was helpful for you! I tried my best at making it as simple as possible!

Lots of Hugs

Emma Victoria