Saturday, 29 March 2014

Lifestyle: If You Want a Gentlemen/Lady...

This post may be a little controversial and it is only my personal opinion on the matter - so pretty please bare that in mind! I don't mind a good discussion but just no arguments please! I did ask on my facebook page whether I should post this or not and the result was yes so here it is...

This is a subject I'm asked about a lot... And it seems as if some people do want the old fashioned way to come back. I'm an admirer of the old school way and the way to act, yes we may be in the modern day but does it hurt to want to be an old school lady every once in a while? 

Issue 1 - Girls...
I often hear a lot of girls (and by girls I mean teenagers around the age of 14 - 16) say they want a true gentlemen to hold the door for them, and be a "man". However there are a couple of issues with this... 

If you want a guy to be a gentlemen, why don't you act a little more like a lady? It bugs me when girls who seem to think swearing constantly and acting like a man will attract a gentlemen... It doesn't necessarily work. For example, if you went for a job interview at a rather posh shop lets say, would you turn up in a skirt that just covers your bum and your boobs on full display? For me personally, I've changed a whole lot in the past 2 years alone - I used to swear all the time and never really acted like a lady, but now I dress accordingly and I act like a lady, I have gentlemen of all ages hold the door open for me, help me with my suitcases and heck, I even had 2 train guards at Clapham junction come over to me, just to tell me how beautiful I looked and helped me put my heavy suitcase on the train! If you want to get a gentlemen, then act like a lady, its really not that hard!

I'm not saying you have to be like the royal family, not at all, but just have manners and be polite and don't dress as if you are working at a strip club... (Personal opinion there... Oh Controversy!)

Issue 2 - Boys
Photo: Hear hear!!!Okay I'm going to be fair here, I feel sorry for you guys. Girls can be real bitchy sometimes and you are just expected to read our minds as if you know everything going on in our heads (dang us girls are complicated!). I only have 2 main issues regarding men... The 1st being don't have that chauvinistic attitude where you tell the woman to "make you a sandwich" or "go to the kitchen" that is not being a gentlemen - that is sexist. A woman will do them things for you if you RESPECT her, not if you are damn well derogatory to her and just expect her to do it anyway. The 2nd issue being... MAKE AN EFFORT. Personally, I'm a sucker for a man in a 3 piece suit (and a beard, but that's a whole other personal thing) and I've been on so many dates where the guy has just made no effort what so ever, I'm not saying dress as if you are going to a Michelin Star restaurant, but making a little bit of an effort with aftershave and a nice pair of trousers and a casual shirt won't hurt! Girls, whether we say it or not, do look for the physical features in a man - not saying you have to be Brad Pitt because each person has their own taste!

Issue 3 - Chivalry
This is my ultimate issue with the whole being a gentlemen thing... I like a man that can hold the door open for me and treat me like a lady but still respect that I am a human being and I can cope on my own. A lot of people, in my opinion, now days seem to think that if a man is chivalrous to a lady, that she is incapable of doing it herself - which is wrong. Another idea is, that people think chivalry is about treating just women correctly... BIG FAT NO. 

Chivalry is about being polite and a gentlemen to everyone, for example instead of just helping a lady you like across the street, why don't you help an elderly person? If you are a gentlemen to everyone, then that will attract the right woman! For me personally, I find it super attractive if a man helps or is a gentlemen to other people. 

Sorry for the rather ranty post, but it's something that is kind of a big deal for me and people often seem to have the wrong perception of chivalry that its just to be used towards women when really you should be a gentlemen all the time! And girls just don't seem to understand that the way you act and dress could attract the wrong sort of person that you don't desire to be with.

Its all about self perception, for me, I want a real gentlemen, not just one who is doing it for the sake of it, but is doing it because that is what he truly believes. 

Any who...

Next Saturday's post will be a review of the Soap and Glory Powder Palette - so nothing as heavy as this post!

Lots of Love Petals

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

OOTW: Hell Bunny Leona Dress

Just want to say thank you before we start... The blog hit 20,000 views on sunday!!! Thats crazy! Thank you so much for reading the posts and just being super awesome! THANK YOU!

Today's dress is the second ever rockabilly dress I ever bought! The first was a purple polka dot one, and I bought this one in London when shopping with my 2 friends! This dress is just a signature Hell Bunny Vixen dress, with the belt and the sweetheart neckline with the halter-neck strap.

Hell Bunny Leona Dress - £44.99
Rockabilly Flats, Babycham - £15

As said above this is just the typical Hell Bunny Dress. I super love the design on this dress, its just so beautiful (and well, super floral). Instead of using the belt that comes with this dress, I used one I got in a 2 belt set from Primark just as I kind of preferred it on the day I wore this outfit. I love this dress mainly because it makes my boobs look FANTASTIC! Cliché I know, but it really makes me feel so much more confident when my tummy is hidden and my boobs and butt are enhanced!

Make-up is the same us usual and again my new pink lipstick is featured, I'm super enjoying wear pink lipstick at the moment! Makes a change instead of red all the time! I just used a coral pink bow headband in my hair along with a simple pearl necklace!

On my tootsies, I just have some white socks rolled down for a more preppy look again! I got loads of compliments when dressed like this, and by having socks with my shoes it made me look a little more preppy!

Another short but sweet post from me today!

See you Saturday!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


P.S Cutest 30 seconds you will watch ever! ARGH I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

YouTube - A Little Chat!

Super duper short post up today... I have lots to do this weekend for my college work/family stuff/modelling stuff to do so here is the link to my most recent YouTube video where I just talk about my modelling so far and how I'm feeling! If you have any questions PLEASE feel free to ask me, I'm hear to listen and help you guys!

Sorry again guys, back to normal again next week!

Much Love Cuties

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

OOTW: Stella Sweetheart & Review

Today we have a 2 in one! My OOTW and my new dress! 


Cream & Navy Cricket Cardigan, New Look - £18
(Bought 4 years ago)

Cream Bobby Lace Socks, eBay - £2

Rockabilly Flats, Babycham - £15
(No longer available)

Varied Size Pearl Necklace, Primark - £3

Black Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear it Again Sam - £10

My make-up is the usual winged eye liner and red lipstick, however I've been recently experimenting with darker eye shadows and been working with more stone/neutral eye shadow shades. So here I have a natural tan eye shadow with a very pale grey in the crease blended out. My hair is actually 2 days old (yuck I know but I had an accident and had to keep my wounds dry for 48 hours!). 2 days previously I had set my hair in tight pin curls and after laying on it 2 nights in a row my hair still had loads of volume and still really wavy. 


I bought the Stella Sweetheart dress 2 weeks ago from my favourite brand Collectif (if you've been reading the blog for a while you'll know my collection is slowly growing) I've been awing over this dress for what feels like forever and I finally bought it in navy! This dress is super duper comfortable, its also super easy to wear with or without a petticoat. The texture is super soft and comfortable - I got this in a 22, mainly because I'm always suspicious with the fit on my bust with a lot of dresses, however I always have the option of tailoring my dresses for me with my sewing machine so thats no hassle. 

Personally for me a really important factor in swing dresses is the 'twirl factor' if the skirt twirls really easily and its a winner... I love the Stella dress even more!!!!!!! I asked my friend to twirl me around while doing a bit of jive dance and it was such a nice flow on the dress! 

A lot of ladies with bigger busts have spoken to me in the street about wearing halter necks, and for me personally I find them comfortable - again with the material that is used with the Stella dress, its super comfortable and doesn't pull on your neck too much either! The dress cinches in really well at the waist, and for me its the perfect dress to wear in the summer when it arrives! This dress looks like it could be a regular feature come my summer wardrobe!

Just a little reminder for those who have asked about seeing some of my modelling work make sure you head over to my facebook page  to go and see all my photos from my recent shoots! 

Please excuse the cuts on my legs/ankles. I had a fall at my photo shoot on the 1st March and they are still clearing up!

Love & Kisses

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Yummy Bee Burlesque Ruffle Knickers Review

I'm back with yet another review of one of my favourite lingerie companies at the moment! I super love burlesque ruffle knickers, they are cute and sexy kind of rolled into one! The Yummy Bee ones are super comfortable and go really well with wearing suspenders without the ruffles catching onto my suspender belt hooks or grips. I bought mine in a size 16-18 and this is how they fit me...

(Please excuse my rather large booty!) These knickers, have 2 bows on the sides, and they do ride up your bum, that's just the style of them. I personally don't find them annoying like they are giving me a wedgie or anything, they are really comfortable and easy to wear. The ruffles are also made of a really nice soft material, when mine first arrived I washed them straight away as I get a bit funny about underwear and that, and if you use softener this will also make your knickers that extra bit softer. At the front of the knickers, for me it does kind of bow in at the front where the band meets, however this isn't too much of any issue as it is uncomfortable in any way at all. What I also really like is the company cater from sizes 8-24 so near on anyone can get a pair of these lovely knickers!

I would definitely recommend these knickers to anyone, I'm just about to buy the black pair as I currently only have White and Red. These are definitely the knickers you want for that sexy but comfortable feel!

You can buy them here 


Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

OOTW: Too Pure To Be Pink!

Surely you can guess the theme of this outfit by the title... If not, its GREASE!!!

I've been so obsessed with Grease for some reason recently - I think I've watched it about 15 times in the past week and a half (its become serious) I know all the songs, the lines and everything. And then it possessed me to buy a poodle skirt. Also before anyone asks... "Danny or Kenickie?" It'd be Kenickie everytime!!!

Pink Poodle Skirt & Neck Scarf, eBay - £18.95

White Gold Button Collar Top, New Look - £8

Cream Belt, New Look - £5

White Petticoat (25"), Hell Bunny - £29.99

Black Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear it Again Sam - £10

Pink Glitter Hair Bow, Beauxoxo - £5

Rockabilly Flats, Babycham - £15
(No Longer Available)

My hair is 2 days old, with a bit of blonde dry shampoo in it, I had set it in pin curls 2 nights previous then slept on them the night before for a light wavy look. My eye-liner is the usual winged eye liner with a small dusting of pale pink eye-shadow blended through for a slight shimmer. I've changed it up a bit with my lips - instead of my signature red, my friend Ricky bought me a bright pink lipstick! This is the Barry M Cream Lipstick in 'Shocking Pink' and it definitely has a beautiful vibrant colour! The lipstick matches the outfit so perfectly! I definitely wanted to carry the "too pure to be pink" theme to the extreme, so my whole outfit was pink overload! My hair bow in my hair just pins it back slightly and adds an extra pink splash! The neck scarf also came with the skirt and its just a super soft material and so comfortable to wear! 

Adding a petticoat gives this skirt the perfect twirl action! I have a habit of just spinning round when wearing petticoat and this picture explains exactly why! I love the way the skirt flows especially with the soft material used it makes the skirt have more movement. With the skirt being so inexpensive it makes me very happy to be wearing such a pretty outfit!

I also opted for flats instead of heels, (hear me out) - For this outfit, I think heels are just a little too much, I wanted flats as mainly in the film throughout the school scenes (apart from Sandy at the carnival and at the Dance Off) they mainly wear flats. And anyway, its good to have a break from heels every once in a while! This outfit also has a somewhat 'preppy' look to it as well! You could also match some pink or white bobby socks with the shoes if you wish!

And yes... I WOULD wear this to college! 

Now here are some Grease Gif's I thought I'd share with you.



Well I hope you enjoyed today's OOTW and gifs! Cause it was sure super fun to shoot and dress up like this! 


Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

OOTW: Check out that Check!

I think because of the Gingham top I just get a country sort of feel to this outfit... I just super love this long black pencil skirt too! Its my absolutely favourite thing to wear atm, its so easy to pair up with all sort of outfits especially when you are in a rush!

Red Hair Flower (Pack of 10), Amazon - £4.99

Black Marilyn Sunglasses, Amazon - £9.99

Red Gingham Dolores Top, Collectif - £30

Black Long Pencil Skirt, Mums Wardrobe - £Unknown
(these were bought back in the 1970's - and they are in perfect condition, they were roughly around £5 each for the three I have).

Black T-Bar Heels, eBay - £15

My make-up is pretty basic, but I have just cream eye shadows on my eyes, with white in the middle and a really pale smudge red on the outside of my lid  with my black winged eye-liner. Seeing as the red is really dominant on my top and eyes I just used my Barry M red lipstick with a pink undertone for a soft but cute sort of look. My hair flower is just pulling some of my hair from the side of my face back for a cute and simple look. 
Red seems to be a common theme in this outfit.

(I wore this outfit on one of my shoots so make sure you go to my facebook page to see the final images!)

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Yours Clothing Lingerie Review

Good Day!! Yet another scheduled post up today - I'm actually at a photo shoot when this goes up (thank you Blogger for letting me schedule posts!). Okay so last week I went shopping (isn't that a surprise...) and I was walking round the mall and then... I saw a plus size clothing shop... THAT CARRIES MY BRA SIZE... No one will ever understand my happiness of the moment I could buy a bra that fits me on the high street. Any who... I needed a new set anyway, and I saw this most gorgeous set ever!! (Excuse the booty...)

Okay first impressions in the shop were pretty biased... I did fall in love. I think I was pretty overwhelmed by the fact that they actually carried my bra size. After trying it on, again I was really happy with the fit and the fact it is a really comfortable material.

The bra is underwired, I did have a break from wearing underwired bra's just because I began to find them a bit uncomfortable on the side of my bust - however these are also padded which adds more to the comfort level. At first it was a little uncomfortable until I did adjust the bra correctly, and after wearing for about 3 hours the bra was super comfortable and I didn't even notice the wires. As I mentioned these are padded, which for me personally is something I always want in bras. A lot of bigger women obviously don't want their boobs looking bigger, however I don't think I could bare the chance of my nipples being on full show through my tight tops. (Its just a huge no go...). 

Another feature I love about this set, is in the combined suspender and thong... I love suspender/knicker sets that have detachable suspender straps. It means I can pick and chose when I want to wear stockings, and it doesn't make the set look odd when they aren't attached either. The straps are also super easy to attach and re-attach also!

I'm not normally a 'thong' sort of person, I'm definitely more of a lace french knicker kinda girl, however if all thongs were like this one I could be easily swayed. A lot of bigger girls I know won't wear thongs because they don't really want to show their butt, but I'm always up for taking a risk! The thong is made of a super soft mesh material, and you don't even notice its there half the time (it definitely does not ride up my bum and then have that awkward 'readjust' myself moment in public!).

Overall I'm super pleased with this set... There isn't really many faults. Just make sure you definitely get the right size in the suspender/thong mainly because for me personally the sizes came up bigger then normal, so I sized down. Also buying too small could mean the suspender belt could slip down and you would have to keep lifting it up under your dress which could be a little awkward! 

Yours Clothing you get a 10/10 for this set! I loved it so much that 3 days later I went and bought another new set!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


P.S Stockings are from Mark's and Spencers - a bargain at £4!