Wednesday, 5 March 2014

OOTW: Check out that Check!

I think because of the Gingham top I just get a country sort of feel to this outfit... I just super love this long black pencil skirt too! Its my absolutely favourite thing to wear atm, its so easy to pair up with all sort of outfits especially when you are in a rush!

Red Hair Flower (Pack of 10), Amazon - £4.99

Black Marilyn Sunglasses, Amazon - £9.99

Red Gingham Dolores Top, Collectif - £30

Black Long Pencil Skirt, Mums Wardrobe - £Unknown
(these were bought back in the 1970's - and they are in perfect condition, they were roughly around £5 each for the three I have).

Black T-Bar Heels, eBay - £15

My make-up is pretty basic, but I have just cream eye shadows on my eyes, with white in the middle and a really pale smudge red on the outside of my lid  with my black winged eye-liner. Seeing as the red is really dominant on my top and eyes I just used my Barry M red lipstick with a pink undertone for a soft but cute sort of look. My hair flower is just pulling some of my hair from the side of my face back for a cute and simple look. 
Red seems to be a common theme in this outfit.

(I wore this outfit on one of my shoots so make sure you go to my facebook page to see the final images!)

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria