Wednesday, 26 March 2014

OOTW: Hell Bunny Leona Dress

Just want to say thank you before we start... The blog hit 20,000 views on sunday!!! Thats crazy! Thank you so much for reading the posts and just being super awesome! THANK YOU!

Today's dress is the second ever rockabilly dress I ever bought! The first was a purple polka dot one, and I bought this one in London when shopping with my 2 friends! This dress is just a signature Hell Bunny Vixen dress, with the belt and the sweetheart neckline with the halter-neck strap.

Hell Bunny Leona Dress - £44.99
Rockabilly Flats, Babycham - £15

As said above this is just the typical Hell Bunny Dress. I super love the design on this dress, its just so beautiful (and well, super floral). Instead of using the belt that comes with this dress, I used one I got in a 2 belt set from Primark just as I kind of preferred it on the day I wore this outfit. I love this dress mainly because it makes my boobs look FANTASTIC! Cliché I know, but it really makes me feel so much more confident when my tummy is hidden and my boobs and butt are enhanced!

Make-up is the same us usual and again my new pink lipstick is featured, I'm super enjoying wear pink lipstick at the moment! Makes a change instead of red all the time! I just used a coral pink bow headband in my hair along with a simple pearl necklace!

On my tootsies, I just have some white socks rolled down for a more preppy look again! I got loads of compliments when dressed like this, and by having socks with my shoes it made me look a little more preppy!

Another short but sweet post from me today!

See you Saturday!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


P.S Cutest 30 seconds you will watch ever! ARGH I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF!