Wednesday, 19 March 2014

OOTW: Stella Sweetheart & Review

Today we have a 2 in one! My OOTW and my new dress! 


Cream & Navy Cricket Cardigan, New Look - £18
(Bought 4 years ago)

Cream Bobby Lace Socks, eBay - £2

Rockabilly Flats, Babycham - £15
(No longer available)

Varied Size Pearl Necklace, Primark - £3

Black Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear it Again Sam - £10

My make-up is the usual winged eye liner and red lipstick, however I've been recently experimenting with darker eye shadows and been working with more stone/neutral eye shadow shades. So here I have a natural tan eye shadow with a very pale grey in the crease blended out. My hair is actually 2 days old (yuck I know but I had an accident and had to keep my wounds dry for 48 hours!). 2 days previously I had set my hair in tight pin curls and after laying on it 2 nights in a row my hair still had loads of volume and still really wavy. 


I bought the Stella Sweetheart dress 2 weeks ago from my favourite brand Collectif (if you've been reading the blog for a while you'll know my collection is slowly growing) I've been awing over this dress for what feels like forever and I finally bought it in navy! This dress is super duper comfortable, its also super easy to wear with or without a petticoat. The texture is super soft and comfortable - I got this in a 22, mainly because I'm always suspicious with the fit on my bust with a lot of dresses, however I always have the option of tailoring my dresses for me with my sewing machine so thats no hassle. 

Personally for me a really important factor in swing dresses is the 'twirl factor' if the skirt twirls really easily and its a winner... I love the Stella dress even more!!!!!!! I asked my friend to twirl me around while doing a bit of jive dance and it was such a nice flow on the dress! 

A lot of ladies with bigger busts have spoken to me in the street about wearing halter necks, and for me personally I find them comfortable - again with the material that is used with the Stella dress, its super comfortable and doesn't pull on your neck too much either! The dress cinches in really well at the waist, and for me its the perfect dress to wear in the summer when it arrives! This dress looks like it could be a regular feature come my summer wardrobe!

Just a little reminder for those who have asked about seeing some of my modelling work make sure you head over to my facebook page  to go and see all my photos from my recent shoots! 

Please excuse the cuts on my legs/ankles. I had a fall at my photo shoot on the 1st March and they are still clearing up!

Love & Kisses

Emma Victoria