Saturday, 1 March 2014

Yours Clothing Lingerie Review

Good Day!! Yet another scheduled post up today - I'm actually at a photo shoot when this goes up (thank you Blogger for letting me schedule posts!). Okay so last week I went shopping (isn't that a surprise...) and I was walking round the mall and then... I saw a plus size clothing shop... THAT CARRIES MY BRA SIZE... No one will ever understand my happiness of the moment I could buy a bra that fits me on the high street. Any who... I needed a new set anyway, and I saw this most gorgeous set ever!! (Excuse the booty...)

Okay first impressions in the shop were pretty biased... I did fall in love. I think I was pretty overwhelmed by the fact that they actually carried my bra size. After trying it on, again I was really happy with the fit and the fact it is a really comfortable material.

The bra is underwired, I did have a break from wearing underwired bra's just because I began to find them a bit uncomfortable on the side of my bust - however these are also padded which adds more to the comfort level. At first it was a little uncomfortable until I did adjust the bra correctly, and after wearing for about 3 hours the bra was super comfortable and I didn't even notice the wires. As I mentioned these are padded, which for me personally is something I always want in bras. A lot of bigger women obviously don't want their boobs looking bigger, however I don't think I could bare the chance of my nipples being on full show through my tight tops. (Its just a huge no go...). 

Another feature I love about this set, is in the combined suspender and thong... I love suspender/knicker sets that have detachable suspender straps. It means I can pick and chose when I want to wear stockings, and it doesn't make the set look odd when they aren't attached either. The straps are also super easy to attach and re-attach also!

I'm not normally a 'thong' sort of person, I'm definitely more of a lace french knicker kinda girl, however if all thongs were like this one I could be easily swayed. A lot of bigger girls I know won't wear thongs because they don't really want to show their butt, but I'm always up for taking a risk! The thong is made of a super soft mesh material, and you don't even notice its there half the time (it definitely does not ride up my bum and then have that awkward 'readjust' myself moment in public!).

Overall I'm super pleased with this set... There isn't really many faults. Just make sure you definitely get the right size in the suspender/thong mainly because for me personally the sizes came up bigger then normal, so I sized down. Also buying too small could mean the suspender belt could slip down and you would have to keep lifting it up under your dress which could be a little awkward! 

Yours Clothing you get a 10/10 for this set! I loved it so much that 3 days later I went and bought another new set!

Much Love

Emma Victoria


P.S Stockings are from Mark's and Spencers - a bargain at £4!