Saturday, 15 March 2014

Yummy Bee Burlesque Ruffle Knickers Review

I'm back with yet another review of one of my favourite lingerie companies at the moment! I super love burlesque ruffle knickers, they are cute and sexy kind of rolled into one! The Yummy Bee ones are super comfortable and go really well with wearing suspenders without the ruffles catching onto my suspender belt hooks or grips. I bought mine in a size 16-18 and this is how they fit me...

(Please excuse my rather large booty!) These knickers, have 2 bows on the sides, and they do ride up your bum, that's just the style of them. I personally don't find them annoying like they are giving me a wedgie or anything, they are really comfortable and easy to wear. The ruffles are also made of a really nice soft material, when mine first arrived I washed them straight away as I get a bit funny about underwear and that, and if you use softener this will also make your knickers that extra bit softer. At the front of the knickers, for me it does kind of bow in at the front where the band meets, however this isn't too much of any issue as it is uncomfortable in any way at all. What I also really like is the company cater from sizes 8-24 so near on anyone can get a pair of these lovely knickers!

I would definitely recommend these knickers to anyone, I'm just about to buy the black pair as I currently only have White and Red. These are definitely the knickers you want for that sexy but comfortable feel!

You can buy them here 


Emma Victoria