Wednesday, 30 April 2014

OOTW; I Do Wear Trousers!

I've been asked a lot recently if I actually wear trousers... I do! I just tend to prefer skirts and dresses more so, so today's outfit is of me wearing trousers!

Flowy Floral Top, Simply Be - £15

Black Jeans, Peacocks - £12

Frothy Soda Flats, Clarks - £44.99

This is just a casual outfit for me, its one for when I'm running errands and haven't got the time to cater for my dress flowing around me! I mainly wear these jeans for work because they are comfortable, especially when doing long shifts. 

I'm wearing hardly any make-up to be quite honest with you! Just a small dab of concealer and a quick whizz of eyeliner just to make my eyes pop a little!

Hair Clip on both sides just to pin my bangs away and out of my face too! My hair is in a simple low ponytail and if I want to I can pin my fringe back into a small pomp.

Emma Victoria