Wednesday, 16 April 2014

OOTW: Naughty & Nautical

Last summer I set myself a target to get back into one of my first rockabilly dresses I bought a few years ago... and I finally did it! I still have a little way to go, but I finally fit back into this gorgeous and cheeky dress! This is a Hell Bunny XL dress which is a UK size 16... YES I FIT INTO A 16 EVEN WITH MY BOOBS!

Seasick Sue Sailor Halter Dress, Hell Bunny - £42.99

What Shawl, Charity - £5

Black Marilyn Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wear it Again Sam - £10

Rockabilly Pumps, BabyCham - £15

What I love the most about Hell Bunny dresses in particular, you can often find dresses from a few years ago still being sold - which makes me happy if I were to ever want to re-purchase the dress, then I can!

This dress in particular is one of my favourites because it has POCKETS! You don't often find dresses with pockets, but this adorable little thing does! 

Can you tell it was super sunny when I took this picture? Make-up is pretty much the same, I decided to wear my Barry M lipstick in no.52 'Shocking Pink' seeing as some of the detailing on the press was in pink too! My hair is pretty basic, just tied back in a ponytail with my bangs and fringe completely unstyled for a change!

The dress has super twirl action too and for those who have asked me quite a few times, I do wear short underneath my dresses, just in case there is a gust of wind and I have a Marilyn Monroe moment!

Lots of love my petals!

Emma Victoria