Saturday, 19 April 2014

Simply Be Babydoll Review

In the last week of March I was searching around for some new lovely underwear (specifically babydoll's just because I love them and sleep in them!) and I came across this adorable one from Simply Be!

Simply Be Naturally Close Diamante Babydoll Set
£36.00 including matching knickers
The bust on the babydoll and the front triangle of the knickers are embroidered with this adorable black flower style pattern. The bra is under wired which is definitely something I'm finding comfortable for me at the moment. The top half is exactly like a bra (this one is padded and under wired) and the back strap is the same of a normal bra. For the actual babydoll, a soft mesh (and I mean super soft its so comfy!) is used with a split which ends on the inside cup of the bra and the back it drops into a keyhole gap on the back fasteners. The hem of the mesh on the babydoll is a satin material which adds to the overall comfort and style of this babydoll. And last but not least there is 2 bow detailings, one on the bum of the knickers, just a simple small black bow and 2 black ribbons on the front inbetween the cups which you can tie into a bow or just leave loose.

I got this in a 44 C/D cup, I was a little worried the cup may come up a little bigger then expected due to being a varied cup size but it fits quite nicely and I don't have to re-adjust myself that much.

I know some women like to wear this under clothes or just for their partner but I sleep in babydolls (I only really sleep in pyjamas when I'm poorly and ill and need to be snuggled) and this definitely was comfortable for me to sleep in! 

One of my favourite things about this has to be the fact that the skirt of it doesn't cover my tummy. My biggest downfall and the part of my body I'm most critical of is my tummy, so its teaching me to love it!!

The material is rather see through, like the majority of babydoll's I own however this