Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Furry Friend Tag!

Before I start today's post, I thought I'd just say about the new blog look! On Thursday, I decided I had finally had enough of the blue background and the header girl, that I just changed it all! The blog posts writing is now lilac, the writing over the blog is bright pink, the background is white, and the header girl is even more like me (with the love of polka dots!)... Hope you like the new look!


The moment I saw Stephanie from Stephanie Maverick tagged me in this... I HAD to do it! (Make sure you check out her post about her cute cat Lilly!). I'm going to tag EVERYONE OF YOU! Yup, every person that reads this, I tag you to do this! Or leave in the comments below something about your beloved pet!

1. What is his/her name?
I have 2 dogs, my eldest is Freddie who is 6 and my young puppy Alice who is 20 months old. Both are my babies as I do the majority of stuff for them apart from walking which my dad helps with, SOO I'm doing both my bubs!

2. When did you get Freddie & Alice?
I got Freddie as a puppy from a local breeding farm in 2008 (he was born December 2007), Freddie came home to us at 8 weeks old as a puppy.

I got Alice last September from a rescue centre called Labrador Rescue, Alice is originally from Ireland, but her home is now here in Sussex! 

3.What is something Freddie & Alice do that annoys you?
It HAS to be the constant barking at completely nothing... Both dogs are guilty. They will just bark, bark, bark, bark and bark for no reason what so ever!!!!

4. What type of breed are Freddie & Alice?
Freddie is a high pedigree Labrador and Alice is a 2nd generation Labradoodle which is a Labrador and a Poodle.

5. Has Freddie or Alice ever had a near death experience?
When Freddie was 12 weeks old, we found a large lump on the top of his head which was a tumour, the vets removed it and told us that if the tumour had grown about 1/4 of an inch longer Freddie would've died. 

Alice is just a doppy dog, so she has little injuries all the time but never anything serious (and hopefully not!)

6. Does Freddie or Alice know any tricks?
If you say cheese to Freddie he normally pulls this particular face and pose to try and get the cheese of the counter. 

Alice on the other hand has skills of being able to balance on 2 legs for about 2 minute periods, we never force her to do it, she just does it. Its something we actually want her to stop, but we reckon it could've been something encouraged from her previous home.

7. Does Freddie & Alice like to snuggle?
Freddie is a grumpy old dog now, so he's content just sleeping and doesn't really like people fussing over him when he sleeps. He just uses you as a pillow instead and drools all over you.

Alice just constantly wants to cuddle and snuggle up to you when she's not wanting to play with her ball. Only the other day was she cradled up in my lap (yes on my lap) and was cuddling my arm!

8. Where did you get Freddie & Alice?
As said above Freddie came from a local breeding farm... the place was absolutely immaculate, you wouldn't even believe it was a working farm which had horses and at least 4 dogs and many other animals!

Again as said above, Alice originally came from Ireland, but we rescued her from Labrador Rescue.

9. Do Freddie & Alice get along with other dogs?
Freddie loves other dogs, he likes to play with them all the time on his walks! He's just the overly friendly Labrador!

Alice is a little anxious about other dogs, mainly because she's never really been that socialised with them, so doesn't know how to greet properly. Which she is now being trained to do!

10. Does Freddie & Alice get along with strangers?
Freddie just loves to say hi to everyone, you'd think if he had the choice he'd go home with everyone except us.

Alice has a lot of trust issues with people, so will often bark at strangers on our walks, whether they have a dog or not. Its mainly because she just doesn't know if they okay or not, as often as possible I try and get the person to greet her and come down to her level just so she starts to feel secure.

11. How much does Freddie & Alice weigh?
Freddie has lost weight since he last went to Vets, he did weigh 37.2kg, which wasn't actually fat for him, its mainly cause he has a very big build like his father (yes Freddie's dad is still alive and I see the owners walk him all the time!). Freddie has a vets appointment soon so I'm hoping he would've got down to at least around 34kg.

Alice weighs 24.5kg, she still has a little bit of weight to put on as she is very bony. Which isn't just the poodle in her. She is on about 2 cups of food a day plus peanut butter regularly to fatten her up a bit!

12. Do you ever dress Freddie & Alice up?
Freddie only really has his collar on, he doesn't like stuff on him. Not even shampoo!

Alice has little bows that go in her fur, but I don't force her to wear them. She knows how to take them out herself so if she doesn't want them on she can take them off!

13. Has Freddie or Alice ever tried to runaway?
Freddie has escaped a few times into my neighbours garden, but he's just too scared to runaway so normally barks for someone to go and fetch him!

Alice has never had the chance, she always has to look at people to reassure herself that its okay to go outside (that's another phobia she has, and its a pain when you want her to go outside and play!).

14. How did you come up with Freddie's and Alice's names?
Freddie's full name is "Fredrik Labwrens Thunder" and my surname. We all kind of liked the name Freddie so it just kind of stuck! We made a final decision when we went to see the last 2 pups they had for sale (they had a litter of 8, 6 girls 2 boys, and the only 2 left were boys) if we got the other dog it would've been Oliver or Charlie!

Alice already came with her name, but she didn't have any middle name at all, we like to make her feel inclusive as she is the baby of the family so Alice is now called "Alice Rose" with my surname!

15. How much do these animals mean to you on a scale of 1-10?
1,000,000,000,000... My love for my babies is indescribable. I love them so much, I'd do anything for them. They have their arguments between each other, and yes I have to tell them off when they fight sometimes, but I love them so much like I still love all my other pets that are no longer with me.