Saturday, 31 May 2014

Putting My Stamp On It...

The other week I was contacted by Mr Nutcase to do a review of a personalised phone case, I absolutely jumped at the chance! I've always kind of wanted one, but never really got round to doing it, so I finally did! 

The process was super simple for creating the phone case; you just have to enter the details of your phone (in my case, I have an iPhone 4S so I just put in the manufacturer which is Apple and the iPhone 4s, then you choose the case style you want. I opted for the ultra light weight slimline case because I've never been a fan of the flip cases.

You then get to choose from 25 layouts, which have different styles, different amounts of pictures you can put on them. I chose for the 4 grid for the photos I had in mind... 

I chose 2 pictures of myself, the top left was at Summertime Swing last year, and the bottom right is a picture I took for my OOTW picture and absolutely adore it! The top right is of Alice and the bottom left is of Freddie - they are mean the world to me, and I adore them, and I've always wanted to have a piece of them with me everywhere I go... and now I do!

The quality of the case is amazing! For this phone case it costs £14.95, it may be a little expensive however it is completely worth the price for the quality of the images that come out! The images of Freddie and me from Summertime Swing actually were instagram images, and the quality isn't actually pixelated what so ever!  Also, I often find that when I put a case on my phone, the feel of the phone in my hand is different.. it feels bulkier and heavier, however, this case is so thin and light weight that it doesn't make a huge difference at all, and it even fits into my trouser pockets without too much hassle (yes that is a necessity when you run around everywhere for everything!!).

Overall I'm super impressed with this phone case, yes it may be on the more expensive side of your price range but its definitely quality over quantity, I often let my brother and the children I work with handle my phone sometimes so it can be prone to scratches, especially on the case but this case had already paid for itself, doesn't have a single scratch on it whatsoever! With the back of the case being a matte feel, it means it is less likely to scratch then those with a gloss, and for people like me, that is such a good thing to have!

If you would like to make your own personal phone case from Mr Nutcase  then you can use this code to get 10% off your order!! 


See you on wednesday for another OOTW!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria