Saturday, 10 May 2014

What is it like to be a Rockabilly Girl/Pin-up Girl!

This is one question that is frequently asked to me by a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. I dress in this style nearly 90% of the time I walk out the house - if I'm not in my gear then I'm either popping out for 2 seconds, going to work or I'm not really feeling well. Now even if I'm not feeling too great I try and dress normally with the mind set of "look good, feel good" - but dressing in this style doesn't just come over night. It takes time and practice to look this way.

Lets say I need to leave at 8.15 to go to college... I have to get up at about 7am to make sure I'm ready in time. I normally plan my outfit the night before just to save a little time. If I decide to curl my hair in the morning I normally get up at 6 instead, I then spend a good 10-15 minutes doing my make-up, then about 5 minutes doing my hair. After that I slowly get dressed making sure I don't mess up my hair or make-up. Then its making sure I have my bag ready, then its finding my sunglasses, finding my heels, getting my coat, and making sure it's all still looking neat and perfect before walking out the door. 

I also do a bit of modelling alongside college and work - I'm still working with amateur photographers but working with a few more professionals at some point too. Again, I do spend ages looking good for the camera as well, as you can't be looking like a mess when going for a photo shoot.

Another problem I often face is dreaded spots, like every other human. I often get told my skin is flawless and perfect... The wonders of make-up is all I will say. My skin isn't as bad as it used to be back about 4 years ago, but even now I go through a vigorous routine to keep my skin near perfect. This can be laborious doing this twice a day but in a way its worth it. 

Another kind of issue I get addressed with a lot is people either stopping/staring at you in the street and people always kind of making a comment. People seem to kind of think I don't know I look different in my style or that I'm oblivious to the world. I mean I'm not saying anyone is nasty, but they always make a comment. I know for a fact that the people at my college seem to have an issue with the way I dress, and frankly it doesn't bother me, it's none of their business the way I dress myself. As I said I do often get stopped in the street for people commenting on my outfit saying I look gorgeous, glamorous, beautiful etc, yes this does give me confidence and that is what encourages me to dress in this style. People respect me and appreciate the way I dress - for the first time in my 18 years I've kind of felt that people like me for the way I've styled myself. On the odd occasion people even stop me to have a photo with me in the street - now that to me is something I never thought would happen! The other week when I dressed like Marilyn Monroe, I had a crowd around me to have a picture with me - THAT'S INSANE! 

There is one thing that annoys me though - its when guys think I dress in this way to please them. No, get off your high horse. I dress in this way because I WANT TO; not to satisfy you or anyone else. This is the one thing that does wind me up. Yes I have cleavage, yes I have red lips, yes I'm wearing heels but its not just for your eyes! 

Dressing in this style takes time, patience and of course money. Each month I treat myself to a new item of clothing or outfit to add to my collection. I've built my whole collection up from scratch since about February 2013 - and theoretically I've not been doing this for that long but I already have a huge amount of stuff. This style is all about bringing out your confidence, being unique and loving the style.

I know quite a few people who dress in this style and aren't necessarily into the music. Some people have said that these people aren't "true" rockabillies - who says they aren't?! I personally love the music and the style and do wish in some respect that I lived in the 50's - because life seemed to be that little more simpler then. Men were chivalrous to women and women respected men and were lady like. (Personal opinion) and I just kind of miss having a decent guy.

Being a rockabilly isn't necessarily being like Danny and Sandy from Grease, that's only one part of the scene. Fashion, music and lifestyle are a huge part of the scene too. And that's what I love so much about this scene, its so unique! 
If you want to ask any more questions about my experience of being a rockabilly/pin-up girl then please feel free, I love to answer your questions!

Much Love

Emma Victoria