Saturday, 7 June 2014

Glitzy Secrets Review & Make-Up/Hair Tutorial

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago about doing this review; and I just couldn't say no! This is
something I could not pass up so replied and sorted out the details. I'm splitting this post into 2 sections, the first being the review, the second being a Hair and Make-up Tutorial so you can achieve the elegant Grace Kelly Look yourself.

This review is also inspired by the release of the Grace of Monaco biographic film (you can read Glitzy Secrets blog post all about Grace Kelly here). So after having a little look on their website, I absolutely fell in love with the Vintage Ribbon Head Band, it was gorgeous and elegant. 

The item is beautifully designed, and the elegant diamonds add a beautiful dimension when a light shines on the headband. This headband genuinely makes me feel like a princess. The beautiful design is set upon a wire headband, which is quite comfortable, it doesn't have any groves so I'd recommend some bobby pins to secure the head band in place if you plan on wearing it for a long period of time. The item is a little heavy, so if you decided to do maybe a beehive sort of style hair you could balance the headband on that to take a little weight off, however it isn't so heavy that you want to take it off. 

I got TONNES of compliments when out at the Brighton Vintage Fair last weekend, a lot of people said I looked beautiful and where asking where I got this beautiful headband from. I mainly chose this one due to the elegance and the curves of the piece, I wanted something a little different that wasn't straight and would look gorgeous and this product lives up to it all.

Its also very heavy duty, when sorting my hair out, my friend accidentally dropped the headband when passing it to me, but it was absolutely fine, although I wouldn't suggest dropping it, ours was an accident!! 

Overall I love this headband. I would recommend to anyone, whether it be for everyday, for an event or even for a bride getting married to get one of these hair accessories from Glitzy Secrets - you definitely get your money's worth and the quality is absolutely amazing!

Hair & Make-up Tutorial

With the headband I decided to go for a very traditional look, that of which was iconic with Grace Kelly's look. She often had the bottom of her hair curled and the top straight, and brushed backwards.

1. Naked Face. So basically you want to start with a naked face, and clean hair, I normally set my hair to get curls but for this tutorial I'm curling them with clean hair, if your hair is slightly silky like mine then just use some dry shampoo for texture if you prefer, however I opted for none. 

2. Pin Your Fringe (Optional) I wanted to make the headband stand out as much as possible, so I decided to pin my fringe back, I just back combed my fringe and pined it back with 2 bobby pins in a cross on top of my head, I also use this cross to help secure the headband later on. 

3. Curl First of all take about a 1/4 of an inch of hair, I decided to have thicker curls for this look as this was much more iconic of the Grace Kelly look.When curling only curl about half of your hair (as shown) to create this look - You will get thick curls which you can choose to brush out for extra volume at the bottom of your hair.

4. Seperate Now you want to just brush through the girls with your fingers to separate the curls to create a "bush" of curls on the bottom of your hair. 

5. Make-up I've gone for a very simple and elegant look for this style. I used my Collection Lasting Perfection foundation in Ivory for a base on my skin. For my eyes I used 2 eye-shadows, one being the Natural Collection eye-shadow in "Candyfloss" blended across the whole eyelid, and a champagne coloured eye-shadow from my palette again across the whole lid and blended to create a simple nostalgic look. I used a pencil eye-liner, sharpened to a point and drew a thin line on the top of my lid, just going to the point of my eye and stopping; I then went over the waterline at the bottom of my eye and met the two lines of eye-liner up in the corner of my outer eye. I then added my Rimmel Scandal-eyes mascara and to finish used my Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss in "Cotton Candy".

6. Final Touches. I then add my headband, pushing the hair from the side of my face back behind my ears, I then secure the headband at the sides hiding the pins inside the curls. Using the pins on top of my hair I then secure the top of the headband to make sure it doesn't slip or fall down. And you are done! 

When I actually completed this look and looked in the mirror, I genuinley cried. I've never looked more beautiful in my whole life, and I've never cried about the way I look in a positive way. This headband and style would be something I'd consider wearing if I were getting married - the headband's elegance and beauty just adds a gorgeous yet simple effect on the whole hairstyle.

You can buy the Vintage Ribbon Headband here for £32 and much more choice of other accessories over on the Glitzy Secrets Website.

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria