Wednesday, 11 June 2014

OOTW; Schwing...

Happy Wednesday!!! I am just loving this summer weather we've had!! This weekend I went for a couple of dog walks with Alice and Freddie and taught Alice to swim! However... A few people are still going on about me and trousers so here is another trouser outfit that I really like and have been sporting a lot recently!

White Cinch Belt, Hell Bunny - £5
Black T-bar Heels, eBay - £15
Sock bun, Peackocks - £1
Vintage Circle Sunglasses, Vintage Fair - £5
Swallow Love Necklace, eBay - £10
This outfit is very much a crossover of the 40's and 50's, I personally just wanted to make this outfit a bit more flirty with the cleavage from the Dolores top, plus seeing as its summer I don't want to have a too heavy top as I would just get hot. I just went for a simple black and white look with this outfit purely because I just wanted it to be simple and effective and making the cinch of the waist stand out more. By going simple with the colours, it also makes the red lipstick stand out more, which I personally love by highlighting this one part of the outfit!

You can also wear flat pumps with this look, I just opted for heels! The Franky Swing trousers are a definite must-have in my opinion... These are perfect for creating that vintage look but also making your bum look amazing!!!! I got mine in a 22, mainly because trousers are normally tight on the bum for me, but these were just a tad too 
big! So I tailored the inside seam to make it tighter and also tailored the length in the leg as it was just a tad short for me, seeing as I only stand at 5ft5.5 in height.

I went for my signature rockabilly look today - just half white and half golf eyeshadow, Starting with white across the whole lid and in the crease and about half the eyelid in golf eyeshadow blended out, winged eyeliner and ruby red lips! I'm super loving my new sunglasses at the moment too! I got these when I went to the Vintage Fair on the 1st June. These are slightly different to my usual Marilyn sunglasses as these are a little more rounded, but they are just so cute!!!

Well that's all from me! I also have a YouTube video going up this Saturday!! I told you it wouldn't be months till a new one goes up! This is just a beauty faves video as suggested to me by my friend Josie! So look out for that!


Emma Victoria