Saturday, 26 July 2014

July in a Nutshell...

This is my last saturday post until October when I return from my break. I thought I'd just do a little picture post, just to sum July up really.

1. Beautiful Summer Walks with my dogs, Alice on her way up the forest in the car.
2. I made cupcakes for the first time in a long time
3. My best friend surprised me for my 19th Birthday.
4. Went to speedway and reunited with my friend after a huge argument which lasted months.
5. Inventing new cocktails for my birthday.
6. Enjoying a cosmopolitan cocktail when my parents went away.
7. Made my own birthday cake in white and pink polka dots.
8. Finding my dogs in strange places to keep cool in the hot weather.
9. Seeing my friend who I've not seen in over a year.

1. Modelling at Barnham Studio
2. OOTW of my new favourite dress
3. My facebook page hit over 400 likes
4. Shopping for new dresses in the sale.
5. Modelling at Barnham Studio (love this image!)
6. Modelling at Barnham Studio (Classy Bird!)
7. Going to speedway for the first time in over a year... I faced a fear.
8. Celebration Day at my brothers school.
9. Shopping and spending most of my month in Brighton... My favourite place.

After today's post I have Wednesday's OOTW which is my last post until October, I will still be checking my emails about once a week/once every 2 weeks and also on my Facebook page where I will still be posting probably on a daily basis/or as much as I can so I am still accessible to you guys!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria