Wednesday, 16 July 2014

OOTW; The Marilyn

This weeks OOTW is inspire by the ever so gorgeous Marilyn Monroe.
It's been a while since I've dressed up like this, so I gave it another go!

By the way, I'm sorry for not putting a post up on Saturday! I had a surprise for my birthday, my friend came down without me knowing so never got round to writing the post on Friday neither did I have time on Saturday my actual birthday as I was in Brighton!

Black Pencil Skirt, Charity - £5

Sling back Heels, Peacocks - £12

Circular Sunglasses, Brighton Vintage Fair- £5


Vie Sheer Perfection in Light

2True Concealer in shade 1

H&M Dipliner

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in shade 'Reckless'

This look for me is just beautiful. I genuinely feel as if I'm Marilyn when I'm wearing this! I always have people stop me in the street for pictures with me too! I pretty much just mimicked the way her make-up was so oftenly done. My hair was meant to be in tighter curls, however because it had been so super backcombed the day before and it needed washing the curls decided to fall into looser curls!
I just rolled my fringe back with curlers and pinned for this look.

The outfit itself, enhances my curves phenomenal, I would normally opt for shape wear to wear underneath also, however decided not to for today.

This outfit and style always gets the attention when out in public, and you can embrace your inner elegance of being Marilyn for a day!

I also took this rather impromptu photo and I really like it!! 

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


P.S If you have any outfit suggestions you'd like me to do then just say! I'm always open to new suggestions and what you guys want to see!