Saturday, 5 July 2014

Review: M&S Stockings and Hold Ups!

Hello my dears! Okay, so today's post is a review, I've been asked over on my twitter by some lovely plus size ladies what I thought about the stockings I had bought for some photo shoots.

I'm going to be honest here, I was more of a stockings and suspenders sort of person, however, when I tried on some hold ups for a photo shoot I had back in April I fell in love (and became slightly obsessed). 

So I was a bit hesitant to actually go and buy hold-ups, y'know having thunder thighs and all. A friend recommend that I try the Big Tight's Company ; but I never got round to ordering, so I took a punt when I was in M&S and bought these in Black...
Sorry for my ill fitting bra in these... I was washing my bra's and this was the only clean spare one!
These are the 15 Denier Ladder Resist Shine Hold-Ups - these were only £5, so if they didn't fit there wasn't a huge amount of loss in money. I got mine in an XL, the biggest size they had, and they actually fit really well! They don't slip down when I walk, especially in public, which is an absolutely key factor when it comes to hold-ups. The stick adhesive is actually really good and does have a good stay, I only have to re-adjust every now and again so there is no qualms there. 

After absolutely loving the ones in black I did go out and also buy them in nude, cause you can never go wrong with nude stockings/hold-ups am I right?! I never really thought I'd be converted, but I seriously am. I really enjoy the feel of these; and especially with the ladder resist side, my friend and me bought a tester pair and punched some holes in to see if they would ladder... They didn't! The product does exactly what it said it should; and I really love the fact that a girl who fits into size 22 jeans with thanks to my thunder thighs fits into these lovely hold-ups.

You can buy them here

10 Denier - Illusion, Black, Nearly Black, Cocoa, Natural Tan, Ivory, Navy.

15 Denier - Black, Nearly Black, Nude.

Shoes are from Peacocks - £18

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


P.S - I'm 19 a week today, ahh!!!