Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Fear of the Swimsuit Kind...

If you know me personally, you've probably never seen me wearing a swimsuit. This is genuinley no word of a lie... The only time I actually put one on was for my Body Confidence post way back in October. But I finally decided to face my fear head on... and actually buy a swimsuit! In fact I actually bought 2!!!!

I'm going to be really honest about this now, I still don't feel as if I feel 'okay' in a swimsuit, I still feel nervous and still feel as if people stare at me funny if I wear one out in public. But I need to fight my fear, if I don't fight it now then I probably never will!

(Please bare in mind I took this images about 8 weeks ago but only got round to doing this post, I have lost weight in this time too).

The first swimsuit is this floral coral halterneck swimsuit from Peacocks, for £12 in a size 20. What I really like about this swimsuit is probably the fact that the bust actually is underwired, which is a god send for my boobs. The halter neck is an adjustable tie it yourself so you can have it give as much or as little support as you wish. I do really like the design of this swimsuit, and it is very feminine. 

The second swimsuit is from M&Co and this is just adorably retro and cute (and its polka dots and we all know I love polka dots).
I do feel a little more 'exposed' to my body in this swimsuit, and I do struggle looking at the mirror when wearing them. I think the mindset of not knowing what I look like helps me not realise my fear as much and what happens 'happens'. But overall the swimsuit is really nice, it is rather clingy so if you feel paranoid about your problem areas then bare this in mind. This is partially like a swimdress with the frilly skirt which sits on the hips. I got this in a size 20, I would like to lose a little weight to feel better in this costume but otherwise its really nice!

You can get the M&Co Swimsuit here along with other beautiful clothes & swimwear on their site!

I am hoping to get another swimsuit soon, so I might review that if it comes before I go on my break!

Love you lots

Emma Victoria