Saturday, 11 October 2014

Book Review; Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

Okay okay, I know what you're thinking "everyone's read Fifty Shades, everyone knows about it" BUT I only just read the books in September, a few years after everyone else and the initial release. I tend to do this mainly so no one can tell me what happens when they see I'm reading it, and I like doing things out of the hype.

So, normally, I wouldn't talk about anything so personal, but this book has really brought it out into the light for me, I do enjoy these sexual erotic books - they reflect how I may feel, or what its like to be in that situation, a sense of escapism. I do enjoy being tied up, I have been for personal reasons and for modelling work which I've done. I enjoy it.

So I'm going to address each book one by one... I'm going to try and not spoil anything for those who are interested in reading but haven't yet, so what I write will be rather cryptic.

Fifty Shades of Grey (Book 1)

I took the first book on holiday with me, knowing I wouldn't finish it, because when I read, I read about 1 chapter at a time, but with this book I read about 7 chapters at a time. My best friend had to try and stop me from reading, I probably could've finished the book by the Wednesday (I started reading it on the train journey on Monday to my holiday) but I tried to savour the book so I could read some for the journey back... Which was unsuccessful. 

I really enjoyed the first book, and I really mean enjoyed. I kept giggling and got so wrapped up into it, I swear my life became a vortex, everything made me question what was going to happen with Ana and Christian, what does he really want, what are his problems, I questioned everything. I completely love how the book is written.  I personally adore Ana's character, I like how weak she can be, but so passionate and open minded, and super curious; in a way, I can see myself in Ana. In all honesty, I kind of cried at the end of the book, I couldn't believe Ana and what she had done, I wanted to kind of shake her and shout at her, but at the same time, I understood why she did what she had done.

Honestly, I'm gonna be pretty shallow and obvious here but I also completely adore Christian's character, although not so much in this book, more so in the second. I think the best part of Christian for me personally, was how quickly he had mood changes, like the slightest thing effected him. I saw this as a highlight mainly because, it brought a sense of urgency and unknown to his character - unpredictability.

I really like the fact that EL James stretched the fact in the book, that if anything was to happen it would be on Ana's terms, hence why Christian offers what he does. I did find this book did have a bad reputation at first, I still do now. I have found a lot of people think this book is about an abusive relationship which it is far from. From my perspective of reading, its an erotic novel based on the ideas of SOFT  (yes, soft, I know what hard is.) BDSM relationships. There is much worse that could

have been done, and Ana in fact asked for the worst (you'll know what I mean if you've read it).

I'm personally not a fan of books which takes the plot super slowly, like this book is based over just a few weeks, however, I'm swayed. I love the details and the depth EL James has gone into in this book, I love the sex scenes and how they've been written and how they develop. My favourite sex scene in this book is probably when Christian says to Ana it's all about touch...

LOVE - The plot, the sex, the characters - EVERYTHING. The perfect 1st book to a Trilogy in my honest opinion.
HATE - I can't really fault anything at all!

Fifty Shades Darker (Book 2)
Personally, I really enjoyed this book, as this flourishes the characters into a whole new light, and how they must adapt to each other, the differences between them and their relationship. At the beginning of the book it continues straight on from the first, however a few days later. Ana has been away from Christian; but things change very quickly.

I really didn't expect the plot to take the turn that it did, but I think it was a good move, however an obvious one. I think Ana does represent how a lot of women feel though, with her self-

confidence low, and that she isn't attractive, like she doesn't understand why she gets so much attention, good move EL James!

Personally, I really like the second book, just as much, if not a smidgen more then the first. I like how this book delves a lot more into Christian and his problems, I find you can understand his character a lot more, why he acts the way he does and why he is so possessive over controlling everything.

Again, I cried at this book... more then three times (is that even acceptable?) but I'm only going to tell you three of them. One was when Leila (one of Christian's exes) is out after them (I will say no more unless you read it!), and I totally feel for Ana when she is with Ethan (her friends brother), I kind of want to get drunk with her. Another, when Christian couldn't be found (I cried for several reasons, not only when they couldn't find him, but why couldn't they, and Ana's reaction to it all just broke my heart in two). And one of the other times was near the end of the book, all I'm saying is... Christian's Birthday, his parents house, the boathouse.... That is all.

This book had be enthralled into it and with the Characters. I read this book in under 2 and a half days it was that good... My favourite sex scene would have to be on the billiard table...

LOVE- Understanding Christian a lot more, the HUGE event towards to the end of the book (which I can't say for those who haven't read the book!)
HATE - Ana's boss (he's just a dick to be really honest).

Fifty Shades Freed (Book 3)

If I'm going to be brutally honest, the first few chapters confused the hell out of me. I have no idea whether we are in the present, the future or the past. I would say, for me, that it just feels like EL James is counter referencing, like flashbacks. Had this have been written as it happens in the present, maybe it would unfold a little differently and be less confusing; but I don't know.

I did find that the book lacked the thorough detail it had in the first 2 books for example at the big event at the start of Freed (again, I'm being cryptic so I don't ruin it for others). It was a perfect chance to really delve and explore their compassion and love, but it all just seemed a bit rushed to me... Which I found disappointing.

However, for me, the redeeming part (and the best part) I found was that the sex in book 3 is MUCH more entertaining and better then in the first two. They are more experimental and Ana gets more of an insight into what Christian likes, and soon finds that she actually grows to like it too.

When I get into something, I get into it pretty deep, so I've really been grasped into this book - which is a sure fire way to know I like something, cause if I don't like it, I get bored and stop doing it (bad attitude I know, but that's me) but I just can't but these books down, the plot in book 3 is drama filled, and kept my heart racing quite a lot. I think by chapter eleven I was already a pool of emotions - and for me, I felt like I was in Ana's shoes, like I was in her situation.

I do have to say though, I'm not a big fan of how quickly the book would jump days, the first 2 books had most days in concession of each day, but in Freed days were jumped a lot more, and I think good scenes in the book, which could've added a real depth to it, where missed or jumped forward; which I personally think is a real shame.

LOVE - The Sex Scenes & Ana standing up for herself more (and the car chase... and the sex after the car chase...)
HATE - The drama towards the end of the chapters - I was genuinely scared for Ana for several reasons - one being Christian.

I loved this Trilogy; I managed to read all 3 books in just under 2 weeks. I can't remember the last time I read a book, let alone 3 books in such a short amount of time. If someone was to say to me to re-read these books in 2 weeks time, I'd accept happily. The Characters are so well developed and renowned, its really made me want to find my real life Christian Grey (it would help if he was a multi-millionaire too, but hey... a girl can dream). I also love how EL James writes the emails in the book... Christians signature's would really make me crack up with that schoolgirl giggle sometimes! I always looked forward to reading their emails in the book!

My favourite out of all three would definitely be Fifty Shades Darker, I love the progress of the characters and how the develop, argue, flourish and find where each of themselves stand; both in a way, finding their true identities, which have been shielded away or yet to be uncovered fully.

"Do you think there's potential for a fourth book?" I think there is plenty of story to carry it on from a few years later and/or Christian's perspective like we get at the end of Freed in the "Meet Fifty Shades" section. I think EL James would have a tough task writing a fourth though, as it would need to be on the same level, if not better then the first three to recapture the readers (Although I'd die if there was a fourth book I'd want to read it right away!).

However, I'm now moving onto another series of books, again which are erotic fiction. If you enjoyed this review, please let me know, and I will post a review of the next series that I'm reading!

Emma Victoria