Saturday, 4 October 2014

"Emma, Where Were You?"...

Image, MUA & Post-Processing - Chris Barnham Studio
Its been a little while hasn't it my dears? I do hope you enjoyed my first post back on Wednesday with the outfit. I thought today I'd just do a little catch-up post, a bit of a lengthy one, just so I can contain some of the things I've done over my 2 month break and whats going to be changing on the blog for the near future.

So... lets get the boring yet vital bit out of the way. The blog is going to change a bit, nothing huge or anything, but I just want to not restrict myself. What I mean is I don't want the blog just to be known as a beauty blog, a lifestyle blog, or a fashion blog. I want my blog to be about me and what I enjoy. So I'm probably going to do some posts which are slightly more personal, what I might be doing, my ideas, just thoughts, book reviews, I may even just post a simple picture post without any writing. Like an inspiration board, a positivity board etc. I want the blog to reflect me as a single person, not just the things I'm interested in.

The schedule is also changing ever so slightly... Instead of an outfit post every week, I'll be doing them every 2 weeks... Due to some reasons in my personal life, which are explained below, I won't have time to document an outfit a week or do a lengthy post on a saturday each week, so I hope this is okay!

As you know, I also took a break from modelling, mainly because I felt a lot of stress, paranoia and my self-confidence slightly getting to me, and honestly, I needed the break, its given me time to brain storm, re-think where I want to take my modelling, what I want to achieve. I only had one shoot during this time and it was with my regular studio who I work with (Barnham Studio), and again it was a short shoot where we got some simple work done. (Images below from shoot)


Being Fancy
Well on the 6th September, I ended up going to a fancy ball. And by fancy I mean, really fancy. Pretty much all the people there were wealthy, posh and they were wearing designer dresses, I felt like bursting into tears like I wouldn't fit in or anything, but I had never been welcomed so beautifully into a community. Despite not being rich or particularly posh I managed to grasp onto how to become a real lady that evening with thanks to Oscar who accompanied me and taught me some etiquette. Due to the prestige of the event I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the place we went to or the event itself, as they had professional photographers and such, but as we drove up the drive (and yes, we had a posh car thanks to my chaperone who is a bit well off, we didn't get the bus! We went in a black Mercedes, although I don't know what type, I'm a bit dumb when it comes to cars) the mansion was lit up in the dark night sky, we arrived at around 9.30pm and I had never seen anything more beautiful in my life, I'm glad I went for a simple look for this event. 

I was taught how to dance in a long formal dress, I was taught about classical music, as to which I now can't stop listening to (Pachelbel's Canon in D Major is definitely one of my favourites now!), I was taught all about the cutlery, how to eat properly, and a whole host of other things. And the best part was, the fact we had a very rich entrepreneur and his utterly gorgeous wife on our table, they helped me and spoke to me as if I were one of them. They even told me I'd be perfect to have a rich husband... still hope for me yet!

I kept my make-up super simple, and even opted to wear no eyeliner to try and be as natural as possible. I used 2 concealers, a tinted moisturiser, Collection Foundation for my face along with the Bourjois Rose D'Or blush. I stuck to a soft champagne and soft pink for my eye shadows to reminiscence elegance but to also just make my eyes pop a little, I used a light brown in the crease, and slightly blended out towards the outer eye for a small smoky effect. I just used a simple gold lip gloss on my lips. And I just used my Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara on my lashes. I wore tear-drop earrings, starting with pale blue crystals and the last pendant was black which then flowed perfectly into my dress with the blue responding to my blue eyes. For my hair I went for a back combed side bun, very elegant and very easy to do. This whole look was achieved in under an hour, all by me. Not bad if I say so myself!

I got a new job!

Remember I got really fed up with my old job, which had rubbish pay (and by rubbish I mean below minimum wage). I worked about 39/40 hours a week, despite my contract which they breached and my wage per annum was about £9,500 just below. However, now I have a new job at a place I'm really excited about working at! My wage after tax is about £13,800 pa - which is a HUGE increase!
I do have to become a real financial bore now though, seeing as I need to start saving for a deposit to move out, I need to start a pension fund for when I'm older etc. So, things are getting real, I'm finally an adult. I'm not really THAT excited about it, but we all have to grow up... I guess.

The Blog
Yes I finally gave the blog another make-over... I might even stay with this one... who knows! I hope you like it! I've gone for the white. black and red approach. I don't know why, the pink just bored me a bit I guess!

A-Level Results
So I got my English Language A-Level result in August. I wasn't hugely pleased with it, but I was never an exam person anyway, I did do really well in half the exam though and got an unexpected high score in it but the other seemed to be less great. Despite my slight (expected) disappointment - I've decided I still want to carry on writing and doing reviews and stuff like that! So I thought of also encorporating articles into this blog as well as more reviews, like film, books, and other things like CD's which may take of interest too. Let me know if that is something you'd be interested in, or anything you want me to do!

Well I think that's it, I'm doing a picture post of my holdiay soon and now planning posts to put up for you guys!!

Emma Victoria