Saturday, 18 October 2014

Holiday - Butlins Skegness

This post is going to be a bit picture heavy, but I really wanted to show you some pictures from my holiday with my best friend.

(Also yesterday I put up a 'Winter Essentials' video up on my YouTube! Don't forget to check it out!) 

So, me and my best friend Danielle decided we really needed to get away just for a few days, and with both of us at the time, on a low income, we decided we would take a trip to Butlins in Skegness! We had loads of fun (and loads of alcohol) and here is a few pictures of our trip! We went from the 1st September to the 5th and we had a 5 hour train journey to get there and back, but it was all totally worth it! (Even our horrendous hangovers on Thursday morning.. No regrets!)

We saw the Redcoat Show (AH-MA-ZING)
Drunken Selfies...
Sand Writing
Beach Poser
We saw the Ragdolls - they were phenomenal!
Me drinking one of the many (too many?) cocktails we had
We saw a dead Jellyfish on our beach walk (RIP Little Guy)
Sat on the Butlins deckchair (cheesy smile)
First night early drinks... 
We both had our own pictures with the Ragdolls!

I really like doing picture posts like this!! I might do them a bit more often, like each month a small collab of images? I dont know. But I hope you liked this little snappy post!!

Emma Victoria