Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OOTW & Tutorial; Halloween Dead Diner Doll

Halloween is only 2 days away! I conjured up this really cute yet creepy Halloween look - it covers adorable retro chic, my favourite brand of clothing and being totally creepy and creative!

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Pink Cynthia Doll Dress, Collectif - £89 .50
White Bobby Socks, eBay - £5
Black Creepers, New Look - £12

Make-Up and Hair Tutorial

Step 1 First off you need to prime your face, I used a basic primer which I had come in a set. I primed my whole face so that the face paint would sit better.

Step 2 After priming, prepare your face paint - I used the Snazaroo face paint in White (you can use any strong pigmented face paint - this is the only one I can use as I'm allergic to others). I did about 2 layers of face paint and blended to make it smooth. When doing the first layer, apply and then smooth out, leave to dry before applying another coat.

Step 3 I then went on to use a blue shimmer dust to contour my face, again for a more dead look. I used a angled brush for a harsh line and then blended out using a blusher brush.

Step 4 Moving onto the eyes. I want a very harsh look to my eyes, seeing as I need to look creepy and dead I used dark greys and blacks. I heavily went over my under eye with a black eye-liner and then smudged this out used a Q-Tip. On the actual eyelids, I used a shimmery grey all over the lid, including the inner corner of my eye, and then in my crease I did a thick blended out line of black. I then used my liquid eyeliner to give myself a medium thickness wing. I tend not to wear false eyelashes (personal preference) so I just used my Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara.

Step 5 The next step is the scars. I used the same liquid liner I used on my eyes to make the scars. These are pretty easy and basic and you just need a steady hand. (I also added a beauty spot!) I then made some fake blood, using an old cheap red lipstick I don't used along with some Vaseline, I then added a scrapping of black eye-shadow to make the colour a bit darker. The gloss of the Vaseline in the light gives the scar a fresh bleeding effect (simple but effective!) I then filled the scars in and over with the fake blood. For the scar under the eye I made a gap between the two centre lines of the scar (seeing left above image) - this is an open wound, its the same process, just fill in the gap with the fake blood.

Step 6 The lips - I used my Rimmel Dark Berry Lipstick I got for winter last year (I love dark berry shades for Autumn and Winter). After applying my lipstick as normal, I added some black eyeshadow to the corners and outer line of my lips and rubbed my lips together for a dark red/purpley/black effect!

Step 7 The last step is the hair. I did a simple messy beehive, just cause its simple, easy and easy to make a mess of! I split my hair into two, I put the lower back half into a high ponytail where I want the beehive to sit, and the other half a bun on my head till I have the ponytail where I want. I then back comb the ponytail and fold it over itself, pinning the hair on the underside (use as many pins are you wish on this part, it will be covered over. I then took the rest of my hair, back combed it and put it over the now back combed folded over ponytail and pinned. I then took a comb and just made the beehive messy!

And your done!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! (Go be creepy...)

Emma Victoria