Saturday, 25 October 2014

Why Can't I Run... & Fitness Revelations

So let me explain the first part of the title... Its not that I can't physically run, I can, I have been properly for a little while now; but why can't I run WITHOUT people staring at me (my tits) as I run.

It makes me feel like I'm some sort of show, and its horrible! I just want to make myself feel good by going for a run, to help me lose weight and get fit - but I can't without a load of people staring at my bouncing bosoms.

And let me just justify here too... It isn't just men, I'm not slamming men at all, but women stare at me too! Both are as bad as each other, and both make me feel like my boobs are an attraction and they have a right to stare at them... which they do not.

Now for the other part... my fitness revelations. I've always, and I mean always, hated doing

fitness/exercise in public or near other people. If I went to my old gym, I'd go at a time where there is no one around, and I mean no one, the only person is the 2 Personal Trainers and the receptionist.

But since doing my short little road runs a few times a week, I've never (touch wood) yet had anyone laugh at me for going for a run. If anything I've had people say nice things to me; for example...

"Keep going, you're doing great!"

"Work Hard, Get rewards... you're great girl!"

And it's been a total wake-up call that people haven't laughed at me, and my attempt at running. If anything people are happy I'm making an effort.

I just want to clarify as I'm going to write a little more about my lifestyle changes and healthy eating (notice I said healthy eating, NOT a diet!) that I'm doing this for myself, my health and my fitness. This isn't to benefit anyone but myself.

I currently feel a bit horrible in my body at the moment, and I'm not going to get skinny, that isn't my aim. I just want to be fit, healthy and able to do a few more things which may have suppressed me in the past and to feel happy and comfortable in my body. I'm not getting skinny, so please pretty please don't have that rant at me!!

Emma Victoria