Saturday, 29 November 2014

Book Review; Crossfire Series Books 1-3

So as soon as I finished the Fifty Shades (FS) Trilogy I started the Crossfire series, I only got the first 3 books (and waited for the 4th book to be released on the 18th November; I will review this book along with when the 5th book is released although its probably ages away to being released). I'm going to review this like I did the FS Review, each book by itself.

Bared to You (Book 1)

Gideon pretty much just wants his own way, and Eva is, well, a bit stubborn and I think she is for the completely right reason. The book moves along a little quicker then FS and the way in which they meet is also a bit different, if not a little more realistic? I did like the fact the book moved along a little quicker, and I did think that Sylvia Day actually took more care and more depth into the sex scenes in this book. The sex scenes were seriously intense and erotic - and I mean that. All I'm saying is Gideon's Parents House and Magdalene and the Limo.

I think looking at the characters, Gideon is much more likely to notice and react quickly to the fact he's screwed up, like an almost immediate reaction - he is much more needy and paranoid in my opinion. Eva is stubborn, and its very obvious she has a lot of issues in trusting people, an sometimes even Gideon. I think towards the end of Chapter 18, you can see the two's trust and relationship being pushed quite far, especially for Eva.

I really enjoyed the first book, I jumped straight into the second without a moment's delay! I really like the fact that both the two main characters are pretty screwed up from their pasts, and not just one. I feel you still get that mystery of the two characters, trying to figure both out and figure if they really 'can' work or not. To conclude, I would definitely say if you enjoyed the FS trilogy then you have to give this book a go - I would say Gideon and Eva are a bit different to Christian and Ana but they have a lot more depth and are possibly in a more intense relationship.

LOVE - Gideon and Eva if I'm going to be honest. I like how they both have a lot of issues they need to resolve. I also like the fact Eva also comes from a wealthy background herself, so she can appreciate Gideon's wealth better (unlike Ana who is in denial of CG's Wealth in FS)
HATE - I personally was not digging the whole 'all characters seem to be beautiful and perfect' thing. I mean I get that her friend Cary is a model etc and that but it just kind of seems everyone is kind of beautiful and amazing,

Reflected in You (Book 2)

The second book started out following straight on from the ending of the first book, just the next morning. I found the second book a bit more tense then the first one. I was on the edge a lot of the time, trying to figure why it was happening and how it was to be resolved. There is also a HUGE plot twist at the end - I think what we can learn from Gideon's character is to take him literally, what he says is what he means.

I did feel a lot more sympathy for Eva in this book - mainly because it was like one thing after another, and she was on an emotional roller-coaster that never ended. I do think the way she reacted a lot of the time was rational, and if I'm honest I just want to give her a hug. I began to take a tiny dislike to Gideon with the way he treats Eva in this book, despite for all the good reason he may have to do so. But he soon made me like him again with the sex scenes in this book (although, most are actually towards the first half of the book, with the second half being a lot less focused on the sex, but the intensity of having none).

I really loved the second book for showing that 2 people who are majorly (pardon my language) fucked up to be so determined to make the relationship work, for me it shows that they aren't conventional but are desperate to try for what they have and develop that in a way they feel comfortable (obviously with Gideon taking control!).

LOVE That the relationship for Gideon and Eva isn't perfect - but more screwed up. Its the fact they want to prove people wrong.
HATE I found this consistent in both the second and third books - the fact we are given information like we've only just met the character when its just been a little while since they were mentioned! It drove me crazy!!!

Entwined with You (Book 3)
I think the key overall summary of this book is 'plot twists' and 'intense sex'. So many plot twists in this book, especially from the last few chapters - I think I nearly died at 2am when reading the last few chapters as it was all so unexpected.

I think if you are expecting 'closure' from the end of book 2, you can definitely think again. I think this book will just make you even more confused on Gideon and Eva's relationship. Despite all the drama and shocks in this book I found myself still getting completely wrapped up into why Gideon is the way he is - I personally want to know everything and completely get why Eva wants to know too. I think the major plot twist at the end is completely unexpected from my view - and supremely quick.

In this book I definitely think Gideon flourishes more and you begin to realise its not about him - all will make sense if you choose to read the book. This book definitely has a little more humour to it as well - some of the jokes that came out genuinely made me giggle more then they should have; again this gave the book more of a humorous and enjoyable feel.

LOVE The fact there is a little more romance; and despite it not being much we have a small insight into Gideon's past and we can understand the way he works sometimes. Oh and the aeroplane sex... Jesus that was hot...

HATE The dropped stories - I just found that some leads were dropped in the story like we will come back to them later. Like at the end when Gideon, Eva, Cary, and Eva's parents go to a function and Eva see's someone - its just dropped. Ugh frustrating.


If I'm going to be honest, I was rather sceptical of this series to start with, as I didn't think that the books would live up to the claims that its 'better' then FS - well I think the book proved me wrong. I would argue however that I do think this was written better, and the plots aren't EXACTLY the same (like some people claimed), which was refreshing in itself. 
One of the big things that bugged me in all three of the books, had to be that some sex scenes were written in great depth, and real good depth too - but then if they had follow up sex near on after (which happened frequently) it would cover about 5-6 lines and that's it. I personally found that majorly frustrating and think Day could've done that a bit better in my opinion.

The only other big criticism is the release dates for the next books - I know this is not Day's fault, but the publishing house. Jesus, I just feel lucky I only had to wait 2 months for the 4th book to be released - I know many people have waited over a year. I am also confused on how many more there are actually going to be?! Some people have said five in total, some six and some people even said seven. So if you know please let me know in the comments!!

Emma Victoria