Saturday, 8 November 2014

Preparing for Christmas... Tips!

I know, I know "Its only NOVEMBER!" but - I like to be prepared for Christmas, and not have to panic at the last minute like hundreds of other people! So here are a few of my tips for Christmas, not only for this year but for future years.

1. Make a List!
I'm not saying make a list just for other people  for what to get you - make a list for yourself!
Normally around mid-late September I start planning for Christmas. What I'm doing for dessert for Christmas day (as I'm normally the one who does dessert), presents, Christmas Cards, Candles, decoration themes & plan. Everything! I normally have a list of presents compiled by mid-October for everyone and have a budget set on how much I'm spending.

2. Spending
Now I have heard countless times of the shock bills we get in January and the impending doom of debt... However I completely avoid this and don't normally have a panic attack of lack of money by 10th January.
What I do, and is one of the best things I do, is put money away for Christmas presents every week of the year, starting the first week of the New Year. This year I saved up just over £300 which was more then enough for my presents and more! It makes things so much easier and less stressful too!

3. Plan Ahead 
Overall the key thing to Christmas is to plan ahead - don't leave anything to chance. Don't wait for the rush of the 1st December to start getting things in. The earlier you start planning and buying things the less panic and rush December seems. I normally go for a waltz around the shops in December after I've done all my shopping for look for myself.

4. Buying after Christmas
So, normally after Christmas is over, everything goes on sale. Last year Balsam Hill had a huge sale and we got an 8ft Christmas tree with lights for £299 when the original RRP was £650. We finally took the plunge and bought a fake tree as we found we could shape them better and have the tree up for much longer!
I normally buy my wrapping paper, cards and other bits and bobs just after Christmas for the next year.

5. Enjoy the Season!
Its one thing I find that so many people are stressing out - that they can't enjoy the time! Which makes me so super sad!!! I love Christmas with all my heart - I love the fake snow, the joyous songs and little children getting excited for St Nick! 
So please enjoy the time, have a cheeky little Baileys, watch a few Christmas episodes on TV while wrapping up presents and writing cards, go out to the local town which has all the beautiful decorations alight at night! (I love going to Oxford Street and Winter Wonderland every year in London, especially at night!)

(P.S I normally love going to see the Choccywoccydoodah Christmas displays in Brighton, and now also London. They are so phenomenally amazing - definitely a recommended visit!)

Emma Victoria