Saturday, 15 November 2014

Review; Collectif Pearl Coat (Beige)

Happy Saturday! Sorry today's post isn't up at the usual time, but I've been so wrapped up into my reading, that last night I forgot to write this post up (and while I write this I'm actually watching the rugby)!!

Anyway, today I thought I'd show, and review my absolutely stunning new coat! I'm in complete awe and love with this coat - I waited a year to purchase it, and its everything I expected and more.

So lets begin with the actual aesthetic looks to the coat.
The Pearl Coat has a 1930's style with stunning pleats on the waist, bust and back of the coat to give volume and to shape. The coat has a small hourglass cut to the waist, which is also supported with the flare of the skirt on the coat too. (Perfect for those ladies who want to flatter their figure, or to acheieve a little hourglass figure while wearing a coat). The collar, cuffs and trim of the coat are all in a faux fox fur which is so super soft you never want to take the coat of at all! I also saw a post on Tumblr where the Pearl Coat looks identical to the one in the picture (link here).

The coat itself, is very heavy, but at the same time its very cosy and warm. I genuinely can't wait to have snow again in the UK, just so I have even more excuse to wear the coat!
I bought this coat in a size 20, and its definitely true to size, I'm in between sizes in Collectif varying from a size 18 -22, but I'm predominantly a 20. The coat has a good little bit of stretch to it, not loads but enough to fit over my rather voluptuous lady lumps. The buttons are mighty sturdy too, as well as positively cute. What I love even more with the faux fur neck collar, is that you can have it loose like I am wearing in the images, or you can fasten it up so its more tighter around your neck for more warmth; there is 3 hook and eye fasteners on the fur collar, and is a really lovely option to have, depending on what the weather may be.
The coat also has really good pockets - I'm very fussy when it comes to coats with pockets. My last coat had poor excuses for pockets and I couldn't even put my phone in them without it falling out - however the pockets on the pearl can probably hold a compact mirror, lipstick and my iPhone 4s quite happily - which is perfect if you are just quickly dashing out and don't need nor want to take a handbag! (Also perfect to pop your hands in if you gloves aren't keeping your hands toasty!)
My favourite part of testing anything that has a flowy skirt to it, is the twirl test! I didn't expect this coat to be too twirly considering how heavy it is, but I was pleasantly surprised! If you are walking down the street the skirt actually swings as you go, making you look like you've stepped out of the 1930's glamour scene (no complaints here!), but if you really want to get some va va voom, then just spin in a circle (I do it a lot, way too much some times!) and then you can really get some volume under the skirt - definitely a happy girl here! No worries if it's windy though as the coat will definitely hold down so you won't have to worry about having any Marilyn Monroe moments!


So overall I think this whole coat is phenomenal - its just perfect and is classically elegant.  I even think giving it an 11 out of 10 is still not justifying how amazing this coat is, in design and quality. You can either dress it up or dress it down! I'd pair this coat with my Patsy Herringbone skirt, black tights, black pumps, a cute top and cardigan/bolero with this coat for a cute winter outfit!
The price of £185 may be a little steep for those on a budget, but I promise that it is definitely worth its price tag!

You can buy your's here:
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Beige - 


Emma Victoria


(P.S If you want to see my twirling around in the coat then check out my Mini Review on YouTube!)