Saturday, 6 December 2014

Review: Hold-up Stockings from Amazon!

 So a while back I was looking for some hold up stockings that didn't cost the earth, that stood up well throughout the day and that were good quality. While browsing on amazon I came across these and thought I would take a risk. I got them in a size XL (my thighs normally fit a size 20-22) and the fit was really good, and they didn't cut into my thighs at all.

These stockings were also a really good height on the leg for me too. I normally find with stockings they go right to the top of my thigh, which sometimes is great but sometimes I like ones that sit a little lower on my thigh instead of right up near the kitty; and these ones do the trick perfectly!

So the black pair were really nice, and found they didn't ladder at all for me (despite ripping a toe nail, very painfully, just before putting these on for work) - both pairs are 20 denier and are definitely better then some of the ladder resistant stockings I've bought in the past. These isn't too much lace on the top, but just enough and the hold up tape is very hard wearing too. I wore these frequently when I had a lot of meetings and I was darting around London in a pencil skirt suit, these didn't fall down, I didn't need to adjust them at all only when I went to the bathroom.  

The white pair are really good for anyone who needs Bridal Wear and don't particularly want to wear a suspender belt. The white is really lovely and isn't a too stronger pigment (I did expect these to be more white then they are when I first bought them). They were perfect for me when putting together a winter snow themed outfit.

Both sets of hold-ups are very comfortable and haven't for me, since having them for 2 months, have not laddered at all. I personally hand wash them in cool water after they've been used and worn in shoes for many hours a day in meetings. 

Another really good thing about these stockings is that they come in various colorus as well, so you have an array of choice.

Paradise4women - Buy Here for £2.89 a set.

Emma Victoria