Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

The lovely Bex from Eclectic Bex tagged me to do the Christmas Tag; so here it is....

1. What are your favourite Christmas Movies?

Hmm this is already a toughie for the first question! There's many films I really love at Christmas, I've pretty much seen every movie they have on the Christmas 24 channel too. But I'd probably say I really love Jack Frost. It was very much a love or hate film.. But everytime I see it, it makes little old me cry...

2: Do you open your Christmas presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
My family open our presents on Christmas morning, but we also have table presents. We don't do crackers in our house, so we do a £5 table gift instead of the cracker, something someone may like or a little joke present. Its just a sweet little tradition we've had for quite a few years.

3: Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
As sad as it sounds, I don't have a favourite. I've always enjoyed Christmas, I've never really ever had a bad Christmas, but I don't have one memory that stands out overall. (Oh god how sad and boring do I sound!)

4: Favourite festive food?
Oh golly I do love a mince pie - but not the traditional ones. I really like the Cranberry ones I make, I think I might have to put the recipe on here one day, cause they are so delicious, and are a little healthier too!

5: Favourite Christmas Gift?
Oh golly another tough question. Again I don't really have a favourite but if I had to pick it would be between the handmade bunting my Aunt made for me a few years back, my Pearl Coat I got as an early Christmas gift this year as I needed a new coat and my sewing machine last year. I can never pick one, but I'm always very grateful for what I receive from anyone, big or small.

6: Favourite Christmas scent?
Cinnamon, Gingerbread and Mulled Wine.

7: Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
My mum always cooks a special Christmas Ham that we have, and I normally watch all three Robbie the Reindeer short movies along with a Bailey's Hot Chocolate.

8: What tops your tree?
We have 2 trees in our house, one in my bedroom, just of decorations I've liked or gotten over the years and downstairs we have the main tree which is always decorated in luxurious gold... both both tree's a topped with a Star.

This year we also have a third tree - our Gatsby Tree. We've gone for a roaring 20's theme this year, introducing some blacks. Plus I just love Gatsby and the Gatsby inspired decorations in my nearby garden centre. This is topped by a Masquerade Mask.

9: As a child what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I don't think I ever had one which was so wildly extravagant - I was a very basic child. Jesus I never realised how boring I can be ha! Unless my parents can think of any...

*Toodles off to ask mother*... "

10: What is the best part about Christmas for you?

The best part of Christmas for me, is seeing how happy it makes Children, The way their faces light up, seeing the lights and seeing Father Christmas. Its the happiness of the Children that makes me so happy and cheerful at this time of year. Children make Christmas for me.

I tag anyone who reads this to do this tag.. but I shall definitely say that my lovely fellow bloggers Stephanie Maverick should do this tag & so should Hayley from Lady Haze of Vintage


Emma Victoria


(P.S I also just want to say a huge thank you for getting my little 'baby' blog to 40,000 views! Guess it isn't really a baby blog anymore!)