Saturday, 3 January 2015

Review; Fifty Shades Negligee & Underwear

I've been totally in love with the Fifty Shades collection since reading the books - I've turned into a bit of a fan girl if I'm honest! I have 2 mugs, one being the official 'Laters Baby' mug which is amazing and another which was a gift from my lovely friend. However, a friend suggested to me that I look at the collection which is being sold in Tesco - and I'm so glad I did!! I actually had a voucher from Tesco too for clothes, so I happily went and spent it on these beauties!

Satin Chemise

On my initial scroll through to decide what I might get, I saw these and fell in love! Two of my favourite things ever; satin and beautiful negligee! I love the simplicity and elegance of these and as soon as I tried them on, I didn't want to take them off! They come in two colours Duck Egg Blue and Black.

On the centre of the bust on each chemise is a little bow with the Fifty Shades Freed key; I think this is a really lovely touch and adds a tiny amount of glitz to the overall beautiful item! On the hem of the bust is stunning scallop edge lace, and the straps on the garment are adjustable - perfect to help the ladies sit nice and comfortably! The garment sits about thigh length, although I'd recommend if bending down or over to cover yourself - it can be a little revealing! The feel of the item, is a super soft stretchy satin and is really comfortable to wear at night.

I got mine in a size 18-20 and the fit is definitely comfortable - as said above the material is a little stretchy to help accomodate.

Black Satin Chemise - £19.50
Duck Egg Satin Chemise - £19.50


The next item is the Satin Trimmed Kimono robe - when first putting this on, I was a little confused as I wasn't sure how kimono's work but soon figured it out. The robe itself is a beautiful soft cotton with the trim of the gown in a satin ribbon - a lovely elegant touch.

I got mine in a size 18-20 - however I do feel this is actually quite big on me when not tied up extremely tight (like the image). On the back of the neck, and on the end of the belt ribbon you have the Fifty Shades Darker emblem sewn on - again another really nice touch to the garment.

The garment sits about thigh length, and again be warned when bending over - although you don't do much bending in bed, only when you get up in the morning. This is a really cosy and comfortable item, and I can't wait for the really cold days to wear this and cuddle up in it! This is perfect for the elegant yet sexy look, and is perfect for not revealing too much but still enough to tease (I like to tease!).

Black Satin Trimmed Kimono - £19.50

Anastaisa Pleated Balcony Bra and Pleated Briefs
So I was totally drawn in by the Anastatsia set. I love the pleated ribbon design (pleated designs are definitely my weakness). Now my actual bra size is a 44DD, but recently, I've being losing weight and getting fit, so toning up and my body proportions are out of control at the moment. So I tried "sister sizes" which kind of worked. I got the bra in a 38E and if I'm honest, all I need is a bra extension clip and its pretty much a really comfy fit! The bra is underwired and has padded cups; the cup holds the ladies well and give me support and lift (which if I'm honest, I was surprised it did!). The pleated duck egg ribbon goes up on the straps, and over the cup and with a little bow and key charm in the centre of the bra and bows on the end of the straps which attach to the cup. 

Looking at the knickers, I got the high briefs, as I don't wear thongs that often and these are really comfy. I got these in a size 22 and fit perfectly. The back is a sheer black mesh material (very cheeky) and is really comfy. The front of the knickers have the signature bow and key charm as do most of the other items.

These are really really comfortable - and wore them for a whole 12 hours without feeling uncomfy at all - the bra gave me enough support just as much when I wear my actual bra size. This set is really elegant and charming. Its reserved but shows enough, which in the book is a good representation of Ana. The Anastasia set comes in either Black with Duck Egg Blue ribbon or White with Grey Ribbon.

Black Anastasia Pleated Balcony Bra - £19.50
White Anastasia Pleated Underwired Bra - £19.50
Black Anastasia Pleated High Briefs - £9.50

White Anastasia Pleated High Briefs - £9.50

Elena Lace Brazillian Briefs 
On the Elena Lace Brazillian Briefs the whole of the back is a sheer elegant yet risqué eyelash lace which has a comfortable cut along the bottom. The front has a panel with a golden pink back, covered in lace. The modesty panel, is a satin material on the outside and a cotton on the inside. The briefs has a low cut on them, which I'm normally not a huge fan of as these can be uncomfortable and roll down if you aren't gifted with a flat stomach like myself - however for me they did stay up very comfortably and I didn't feel uncomfortable with the lace either. As on the majority of the other items, we have the signature both and key charm - I definitely like the re occurrence of the charm as its just a lovely little detail.

I got these knickers in a 22, and are a perfect fit.

Elena Lace Brazilian Briefs - £9.50

Laters Baby Eye Mask

I really love the simplicity of this eye mask, I love the duck egg colour and the sewn lettering of Christian's famous phrase 'Laters Baby x'. This has a soft ruched ribbon going round the back of the head and has an elastic too. The mask is a satin material with a soft cushioning over the eyes and is very comfortable to sleep in; it does what it says on the tin really and blocks out light. I hate having light in rooms, I have to sleep in pitch black, and unlike other eye masks which do let light in, these don't at all & they are comfortable!

Duck Egg 'Laters Baby' Eye Mask - £5.00
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Overall I really loved these products! They were comfortable yet made me feel sexy, which is something I feel I've been lacking in lately these past few months! I don't think its even possible for me to pick a favourite, I love them all way too much to describe!

The collection is affordable too, which is something I really like. Sometimes I feel things can be overpriced but these haven't, so big thumbs up for that! The collection is also simple, and not "too over the top" I think it could've gone either way of really elegant, simple yet successful OR it could've been done badly, tacky and be a disaster. I'm just glad its the first one!

I know there are releases of other products such as nail varnish by OPI in January, so keep a look out for other products if you love Fifty Shades!

Emma Victoria