Saturday, 10 January 2015

The New Year Way...

So what have you done for the New Year? Began a new resolution? Taken up a Hobby? Or set yourself a Challenge or two?

Well I definitely have - last weekend I had to schedule my Saturday post as we had guests down and I was working, and I didn't want to be rude to guests (politeness is key don't forget!) but I finally got round to doing this post for you! So what have I decided to do to mark the year 2015 for me...

Don't Let The People Who Hurt You Make You Cry

Over the past few year's I've often been left in tears on many occasions by people who shouldn't be hurting me - well this year, I'm not shedding any tears over people hurting me, I'll just move on and away from them. It might not sound like a particularly great thing, but it will contribute to my overall happiness!

Being Creative

I used to do Art GCSE when I was at school, despite not being the 'arty' type (as much as my teachers told/criticised me in every single lesson) I proved to myself that my teachers were wrong and I could draw - in my own way, not the way they told me was always right. So, this year I just decided I want to be more creative! Make some things instead of buying them - I've already made some really simple labels out of paper/card and recycled my old Yankee Candle pots - One for Cash, One for Pennies and One For Memories which I'll explain later...

Happy With My Own Body

I still feel as if I'm still in a huge battle of acceptance with my body, I'm still not 100% happy with the way I look and my input into my body's look. I want to make the effort of being healthier, and once my injury has fully recovered by getting back into exercise. I don't want to be 'skinny' I just want to find happiness and peace with my ongoing battle with my body - I'll probably post up some related posts as the months go on, what I'm doing, what's helping or benefiting me, and products that might be helping me.


Since about 2011 till August 2014, I sort of had a lack of picking up a book and reading it from start to finish. I changed a lot as a person while at College and being ill for them couple of years (physically and mentally with battling depression and pneumonia and many chest infections). But in September 2014 I picked up a book and got hooked... Fifty Shades of Grey funnily enough got me into reading again (hold back on them crude jokes...). Ever since I've been reading these genre of books and they've really got me back into the reading bug, I hate going out without my book just in case I have to wait for a long time or get stuck somewhere! 

This year I'm getting back into rugby - as many of you know I used to be a football supporter of Blackpool FC, after so many of the troubles at the club, I quit my allegiance of 19 years of supporting the team and supported my birth team of AFC Wimbledon - but if I'm honest, I've lost my love for the game, now days no one plays for the passion of the game, just the money. To me its like you tap a footballer and they go down as if they are injured.

If you know me personally, you'll know my ex-boyfriend was a rugby player, and I have many friends who are fans and players themselves too; so I went to a few games, and found my love and passion had gone to rugby! I've always supported rugby, and kept my eye on my team Harlequins as my mum is into rugby, but only the past two season's I've heavily been supporting. I also went to Twickenham on the 27th of December for the Big Game 7 for Harlequins vs Northampton Saints -  despite the loss, the crowd was amazing, the fans weren't split like at football, the game play itself was fantastic, and to be at the Home of English Rugby gave  me a little buzz - I love rugby more then ever (my friends will be pleased to know!) So, this afternoon, I'm off to Twickenham again! I'm going to the Stoop with my best friend to watch my team, The Mighty Quins against Leicester Tigers! 


When I was younger I used to write a lot, I used to be a poet as well as a songwriter and then I wrote short horror stories (still pleased to say that till this day Hush Before Your Words Kill Me got an A* in my GCSE coursework and my teacher said that she hadn't seen a 15 year old create such a chilling and methodical piece of work!). But since reading again, I've caught the writing bug, this time I'm writing an erotic romance. I'm not sure if it's going to be a Novel or a Novella yet, and I'm only on chapter 2 of it, but I'm enjoying the peace writing gives me late at night - when nothing else is going on and I can focus without interruptions... Who knows, you guys may even read about the lovely Grace one day if I finish the story!

Making the Effort

I found in recent weeks since starting my new job, I just stopped making the effort with the way I look, I just threw on my work clothes, brushed my hair, picked up my badge and bag and went to work. And even when at home, I just gave up making an effort. So now I've decided I'm going to start making the effort to look good again, I'm also going to make the effort to go out more too with friends. I'm very much a work hermit, I work at home, I go out to work and come back home to do more work. 

Making Memories

So as I mentioned above, I have a 'Memories' Jar - I'm doing something that a lot of people I've seen do the last few years and on Tumblr. Every day of this year, I will write a little note of what made me happy that day. On a lot of posts it says to wait till the end of the year to open and look at them... However with my own, it will be for whenever I'm feeling low and I start to feel like my depression is creeping back in. Its to help bring the positivity back into my life, which I've desperately lacked for years. I want to feel genuinely happy, not just like I'm putting on an act to be happy to please others.

Live Life to the Full - Do What Help's You and Makes You Smile.

Happy New Year & May All Your Wishes and Aspirations this Year come true!


Emma Victoria