Saturday, 7 February 2015

Valentines Day... If You're Single.

Hello again! I know its been a little while since we've really been together in 2015 - I've had a lot of other commitments and 2015 is going to be a huge year for this girl! I'm going to be doing some posts all about my adventures in life this year, next Saturday is a huge one so look out for it! Emma Victoria is going up in the world and I want you all to join me on the journey!!


Its got to that time of February where all the lovey dovey stuff is out for Valentines Day - all the adverts, all the shops everything turns into 'Love Central' but for many people across the world Valentines Day can frankly be a shit day. Some people couldn't care less (Oh how I envy these people sometimes!) but for those who do it feels like everyone in a relationship is out to remind you of how alone you feel.

So today I thought I'd write about a few things you can do to spoil yourself this Valentines Day!!

1. Get A Nice Outfit
If you are going out for the day (with family or other single friends) get yourself a really lovely new outfit - make yourself look good! Show the people what they're missing out on!
But also make sure you feel comfortable - nothing is worse then buying a new outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable.

2. Go Out/Stay In
It depends on what you prefer! If you prefer to stay in and out of the way of all the people in 'love' then get a good film, get some popcorn a bottle of wine and make a good night of it! I'll personally be having a few drinks while watching the Rugby 6 nations!
Alternatively you could go out and get smashed with your dearest friends if they haven't got a Valentines - I know a few people who love this option! 

3. Give to Charity
This year I've decided to do something a little different too - I'm giving to charity. The money I would've spent on a Valentines (and a little more) is going towards Charity instead. Even if its a little amount it still makes an impact. I'm giving to 2 charities this year - two which are close to my heart - Whizz Kidz & Chestnut Tree House. 
You can even give to charity if you have a Valentines - its just giving something to someone else that may need something more then you need them box of chocolates or flowers or that new game.

4. Wine is Your Friend
I found some fantastic deals on wine in the shops these past few days all because of Valentines Day, and I mean really decent wine - so go and treat yourself, take advantage of the deals (stock up if you want too!) and take advantage of not having to share that bottle of wine with anyone!

5. Bake a Cake
I love baking but you don't have to bake if you don't like to! Just do something you really enjoy but don't always have the time to do if you aren't working! If you are working, why not bake the day before and treat everyone at work instead!

6. Go to the Gym
Do something to make you feel good about YOU. In today's world I think people forget to do things for themselves and always do it to please other people. 

7. Go & See Fifty Shades of Grey!
If you love a little bit of Fifty, if you're single or have someone special in your life - go and see the movie! Book your tickets as soon as possible too!

Valentines Day is the day to love yourself and everyone around you. Drop the grudges, the arguments and the hatred and just embrace the loving and happy time, single, taken or married it doesn't matter - spread the Happiness!!

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria