Saturday, 18 April 2015

Why I WANT To Be Insulted....

You are probably thinking I'm completely utterly mad... Thus I probably am. But I've now come to a point in my life , that I know how to handle insults from people. I've heard everything from "should go to Weight Watchers" to being called a "whale"... But now I'm actually wanting people to insult me; I love all my followers dearly, and can't thank every one of you for the best support ever! 

The reason I want people to insult me, is so they can get it off their chest. I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea, I know not everyone likes bigger people, so I'm giving people the chance to insult me and be totally inventive about it - I don't want the same old insults, I want some mean old insults to be thrown at me! And it won't phase me one little bit...

So for part of my little experiment I went on a site called 'Meet Me' (they have nothing to do with my actual project, it's just a site which I use and they are nothing to actually do with my project) - I've had an account on there for a while (when it used to be called My Yearbook) - and I have the chance to reach a wider audience quicker there... So here are a few screen grabs! 

I put a status up (image above) asking people to insult me and here's what we came back with... None of these people knew who I was. Some people dished out some insults, others thought I was just messing around. (The pink bits are my comments!)

It then all stemmed off into another argument on something not really to do with my status... But what I got from the status is that if you give people the chance to insult someone, they tend to back off. Which is odd really? You're inviting them to be horrible, why turn that chance down?! Well in my opinion, it seems as if  people just churn out the same old insults purely because they can't think of anything creative enough themselves.  I did have a few comments in my private messages on the site, (As seen below) but they majority were insults from people that just came up with them without meaning them and I purely only wanted them from those who mean't them (but thank you to them people anyway!).

So you are probably thinking why I did this little experiment. I'm not condoning people to say hurtful comments to others I purely did it so people could let there hatred out on me, someone who can handle the insults then to say them to people with low self esteem and mental health where they could really do without the insults and hurtful comments. 

I want people to stop judging others on their physical appearance, their life choices and their hobbies - I would love the world to be a happier place where no one insults other's but in reality it would never happen, but even if one person saw this and thought maybe they could be a little nicer or to help them be a little stronger when people say hurtful things to them, then I'm happy that I did this experiment. 

Have a laugh, have a giggle, but just remember if you laugh at someone... that could be you they are laughing at one day, and imagine how you would feel.

Emma Victoria