Saturday, 30 May 2015

Curvy Kate Princess Thong Review!

Warning! This post is definitely NOT suitable for work - pictures of my big bum!! 

I also just want to say a huge huge HUGE thank you for getting my blog to over 50,000 views!!! I can't believe so many views have accumulated on my little blog!!

So I've had these lovely thongs for about 3 months now! I never used to wear sexy underwear, let alone a thong! I got them originally for modelling, but I've loved them so much that I've actually ended up wearing them generally too!

I bought the thongs in 3 different colours; Black, White and Nude - due to modelling and for lots of different clothes I wear for modelling too, especially implied nude shoots! 

Oh and sorry for pictures of my big bum... (and my dirty feet, I'd be doing a lot of running in and outside the house and didn't have shoes or slippers on!)

As you can see the detailing of the underwear is simple; it has small little polka pots on the front, and on the hem of the front it has simple crochet styled detailing. It also has a simple little bow detail for that extra added cuteness. 

The back is made of a soft see through material, its stretchy and comfortable - definitely not like other materials of a similar consistency that can be quite itchy, these are super comfy! I did cut the labels out, but I took this images ages ago before I cut them out (sorry, I just like to be prepared!) 

What I love about the nude pair is that they actually suit my skin tone and look nude - whenever I buy nude products they are normally way too tanned for my skin, even if I go for the palest shade! Happy little bum bunny here!

Overall, I really love these, they are convenient, perfect for modelling but the most important thing being these are comfy! I never used to wear thongs due to confidence and me having it in my head when I was younger "you can't be sexy if you're fat" - these, despite only being underwear definitely proved to me that you can be sexy! 
They also don't give me that "wedgie" feeling I so expected either; I was half expecting to have to keep re-adjusting them due to riding up, but they absolutely didn't! I bought all three thongs in a size 20 and the sizing is true to size which is such a relief! 

Thank you Curvy Kate!!

I bought mine from Simply Be for £15 each.

Emma Victoria