Saturday, 27 June 2015

OOTW; Quietly Casual

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all okay and I'm sorry that its been so long since I've done an Outfit of the Week - I've not had enough time in my schedule to even be able to do one, and I'll be honest, with working and being ill I've not really had any 'amazing' outfits to show you, just boring old outfits which are purely for leisure. Which really aren't interesting; but I'm back and doing some new outfits! I'm aiming to post an OOTW up every 2-3 weeks depending on my schedule! (I'll be doing a YouTube video soon explaining what's been going on the past few months soon!).

Black Strapped Midi Dress - New Look, £12.99
Size 18
Purple Checked Shirt - M&S (about 2 years old), £9.99
Size 18
Reef Flip Flops -  Blue (Shop no longer around), £5
Size 5
Stone Snakeskin Panel Satchel - New Look, £15
One Size
Black Metal Brow Trim Sunglasses - New Look, £5.99 

You can either wear the shirt loose or tie it off under your bust for that country chic look. On myself, if I tie the shirt off at the waist it helps to define my waist a little better, but wearing it lose can also hide my stomach if I'm not wearing shapewear.

I always forget to paint my toenails - I like my nails to match but I'm constantly changing my nail colours. I'm tempted to go with a nude palette of colours for my pedicure's this summer. Watch this space for my favourite nail polishes over the summer.
I love this pair of flip flops. I've had them for years, probably about six years now. They are exceptionally comfy, and reasonably sturdy too. They are still in great condition despite how old they are.

My favourite lip product at the moment when not using tinted lip balms or lipsticks is the Carmex lip balms. I've always had a love for these, but recently rekindled my love after I found them on sale in Boots the other week.

Seeing as I was just running errands and doing adult stuff, I just had a little bit of concealer and mascara on for my make-up.
I don't dress up for everything, I like to dress down a lot too.
I had my hair in a ponytail and a clip - I love my hair like this!

My peace sign earrings are from my visit to New York when I went to the Hard Rock Cafe. Bought as a single pair for about $6 if I remember correctly.
My corkscrew scaffold bar was bought in an independent piercing shop in Brighton for £5.

I'm also really loving these natural shots lately.

And just look at how long my hair is now!
Well thank you for reading, and I hope you liked my new sort of layout for OOTW's!

Emma Victoria

Thursday, 25 June 2015


A quick announcement from me to go up before this Saturday!

I'm going to be attending the Pin-up Picnic in the Park THIS SATURDAY (27th June) - I'll be wearing my Collectif Pink Hibiscus dress, Blue Sparkly Shoes (they are so cute!)!

If you want to come and meet me, you absolutely can! Come & have a chat, grab a selfie and come meet me - I'd love to meet some of you lovely bunch!
I'm going to be with fellow Pin-up model, Vintage Doll Laura - so come and say hi to us!

All details are below of the Pinup Picnic if you are thinking of going! 


So I did a little catch up video over on my YouTube explaining what's been happening the past few months! Just a quick video - but its just to let you guys know what's been happening! 

Lots of Love

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 20 June 2015

What's in My Cupboard? - My Daily Essentials

I'm doing a mini series called 'What's in My Cupboard?' I've finally got round to re-organising my cupboard into key sections and thought it would give you a little insight as to what I use, my favourite products that I use and just so you can be nosy!

I've found little boxes and cute little bits to put my things into - it means I can be more organised and there is no excuses for me to say I can't find anything I need (I have a habit of getting it out and just 'chucking' it in the wardrobe.. just to complain that I can't find it the next day).

So first let me say, all these products are what I use once or several times daily. These products are all what I find works best for me and products that help with my skin. However, these are always changing depending on me trying new products.

So I hope you enjoy being nosy and I hope that these products just give you a sort of insight into what I use and what I like!

Starting with the most obvious - deodorant! For me Sure works really well, I normally use one of the fragranced ones (the pink one with flowers? I'm terrible at remembering the illustrious name) but I just needed something to see me through till I went shopping again so I got this one for £1 (on discount in Waitrose). It works well, has a fresh smell and keeps me not sweaty and smelling nice throughout the day!

Next is my two wonderful moisturisers, my No.7 Essential Moisture Day and Night Creams. These are still the tester posts, but they are nearly finished and I will have to re-purchase these when I have more money! I love these, they make my skin silky and soft, and definitely make the dry spots and creases on my face feel so much nicer!

Another product I use for moisturising and protection is Sun cream... Not only is it good for just when its sunny but I use mine in tow of using my moisturisers, I only use a tiny little amount but it helps keep me protected all the time. Considering I get burnt for literally walking outside sometimes; by using a tiny amount of sun cream it means that because I don't have any SPF in my moisturiser, unlike some other moisturisers. However, I don't use this daily, I probably use this once every 2-3 days, and in the spring and summer months only.

For breakouts I'm currently using the Simple Rapid Action roll on treatment. This is another product that has nearly run out, however I can't decide whether to re-purchase or to go back to my usual Freederm products that I used to use. This works for the odd small spot with constant use, but definitely not a product for the short term for myself. I do think this is a good product, for the right person - maybe just not for me!

For make-up removal I'm currently using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water with cotton balls. This is another product I'm running out of, I've got about 1/5 of the bottle left. I'll be honest, there isn't anything I find wrong with this product, it does the job, it gets my make-up off and it doesn't make my eyes sting but I wouldn't say this product does miraculous wonders, because it is only cleansing water. I may repurchase it, I may not, I may see if there is another product for me to try - who knows!

This product is still relatively new into my collection of Essentials. Its Palmers Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. Yes, I'm a big girl and I have the odd stretch mark, they are especially bad on my boobs and I'll literally do anything to help get rid of them, and even if it doesn't at least its a really nice moisturising cream for my skin! I do like this product, its lovely, feels great, and smells pretty good too! This product is especially good if you are pregnant as well (for any of my pregnant followers!). I'm going to see how I get on with this product, its hard for me to say if I'll re-purchase it just yet, but if it goes as well as it has already than I may repurchase it!

My last product is a hair product. My hair lately, especially with the upcoming summer and heat - my hair can become brittle and frizzy and just plain ugh. The John Freida Frizz-Ease serum, gives my hair that super silky and smooth feel which I absolutely love. Also when my hair is in this horrible state, I do a double hair wash in the shower (Shampoo, Conditioner, Shampoo, Conditioner). I've been using this product in the summers (and after curling or straightening my hair) for the past 7 years - so it is a product I very much love!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! It was just something I thought I'd do and considering I hadn't done a beauty related post in a while I thought it would be nice!

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 13 June 2015

Atomic Festival 2015 Pictures with Vintage Kisses!

Warning! Picture heavy post! I've been waiting to get the chance to upload all the images from my phone from Atomic Vintage Festival back at the beginning of May.. and here they finally are!

Also my outfit components are...

Hell Bunny August Dress in Size 18 - £39.50 (Available Here

Fur Coat is a few years old from Primark £30
Bait Footwear, Robbie in Sparkly Blue - £50 (Available from Campbell Crafts
Hair Bow and Chiffon Ribbon - Dolly Cool Jewels (Etsy Store Here)
Hair Orchid Flower - Bow & Crossbones 

Also if you can pretty please go and like Vikki's Page that would be amazing! She's an aspiring plus size model and she's bloody gorgeous!!

Vikki's Page - Vintage Kisses 

I hope to be doing more events this year and I will be attending the Pinup Picnic in the Park! Find me on Facebook if you want to meet up at the picnic!

Emma Victoria


Saturday, 6 June 2015

#LiveHealthy is my NEW Healthy Living Blog!

This is probably going to be a super long post... sorry! But I thought I'd do a quick preview post on here all about my new little pet project over on my secondary blog #LiveHealthy with Emma!


So, I've finally decided to properly focus on my weight and fitness again. I've slacked off for a while, not to the point where I've eaten crap constantly, but I've not been able to go to the gym as much due to health issues and a shoulder injury (you'd see all the tape images on my Instagram if you follow me!) and I've slacked off on the calorie counting too...

But I'm back and as focused as ever to become a better more toned version of myself. I've received a little bit of backlash obviously due to being a model and I'm known for my current size/stature; but I'm a person 100% not a model, I'm a model when I'm on set or location, when I'm actually deciding to be a model. Its not that I'm not confident in myself, I am, but I don't feel like I'm at my best - and I'm the only person who can make myself feel happier, healthier and fitter!

So I'm starting to image record my meals! It will help me focus on what I'm eating and make myself more aware. Less junk, more home-made and more planning ahead. I'll probably stick to just doing the majority of these on my instagram so follow me there if you want to keep updated but I may do the odd meal day on here!

So here is the first day of meals of my diet from Monday - all Nutrition Statistics & Information via MyFitnessPal App.

Day 1
Calories - 218 Kcal
32g Porridge Oats with Water.
1 Kiwi Fruit
200ml Orange Juice
Calories - 535 Kcal
Tomato Ketchup, 30g
30g Pimento Stuffed Olives
2 Slices Ham
Homemade Fries
(380g Maris Piper Potatoes, 1 tsp Paprika, 1 tsp Salt, 1 tbsp Rapeseed Oil)
Pork Pasta Bake Calories - 549 Kcal
Penne Pasta
Mixed Peppers
Tinned Tomatoes
Cheddar Cheese
Semi Skimmed Milk
Plus a Banana for a snack - 105 Kcal

TOTAL CALORIES - 1,407 Kcal 

On the left is a statistic pie chart that shoes my calorie distribution throughout the day.
I was quite happy being able to have nearly even calories for dinner and lunch, despite feeling a little hungry I know that this is just a mental barrier and the first 21 days are the hardest

On the right is another pie chart of how many Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein I had throughout the day. I pretty much nailed my targets if I'm honest for a day 1 of my diet which I was quite impressed with personally! 

I didn't do technically much exercise this day due to still having a few health issues which means I can't work out properly, but I did do squats, crunches, star jumps etc as well as doing the cleaning and doing the washing and folding laundry so I was still active. 

As you can see, I'm trying to make sure that I can still have things like fries and pasta, but they have to be had in moderation and not excessively as well as a healthier option!
Well thank you for reading this was just a preview post of what you can see over on #LiveHealthy With Emma - I'll be doing food diary's tips, support groups all over on my new little pet project!

Emma Victoria