Saturday, 27 June 2015

OOTW; Quietly Casual

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all okay and I'm sorry that its been so long since I've done an Outfit of the Week - I've not had enough time in my schedule to even be able to do one, and I'll be honest, with working and being ill I've not really had any 'amazing' outfits to show you, just boring old outfits which are purely for leisure. Which really aren't interesting; but I'm back and doing some new outfits! I'm aiming to post an OOTW up every 2-3 weeks depending on my schedule! (I'll be doing a YouTube video soon explaining what's been going on the past few months soon!).

Black Strapped Midi Dress - New Look, £12.99
Size 18
Purple Checked Shirt - M&S (about 2 years old), £9.99
Size 18
Reef Flip Flops -  Blue (Shop no longer around), £5
Size 5
Stone Snakeskin Panel Satchel - New Look, £15
One Size
Black Metal Brow Trim Sunglasses - New Look, £5.99 

You can either wear the shirt loose or tie it off under your bust for that country chic look. On myself, if I tie the shirt off at the waist it helps to define my waist a little better, but wearing it lose can also hide my stomach if I'm not wearing shapewear.

I always forget to paint my toenails - I like my nails to match but I'm constantly changing my nail colours. I'm tempted to go with a nude palette of colours for my pedicure's this summer. Watch this space for my favourite nail polishes over the summer.
I love this pair of flip flops. I've had them for years, probably about six years now. They are exceptionally comfy, and reasonably sturdy too. They are still in great condition despite how old they are.

My favourite lip product at the moment when not using tinted lip balms or lipsticks is the Carmex lip balms. I've always had a love for these, but recently rekindled my love after I found them on sale in Boots the other week.

Seeing as I was just running errands and doing adult stuff, I just had a little bit of concealer and mascara on for my make-up.
I don't dress up for everything, I like to dress down a lot too.
I had my hair in a ponytail and a clip - I love my hair like this!

My peace sign earrings are from my visit to New York when I went to the Hard Rock Cafe. Bought as a single pair for about $6 if I remember correctly.
My corkscrew scaffold bar was bought in an independent piercing shop in Brighton for £5.

I'm also really loving these natural shots lately.

And just look at how long my hair is now!
Well thank you for reading, and I hope you liked my new sort of layout for OOTW's!

Emma Victoria