Saturday, 18 July 2015

OOTW; Soak up the Summer

The past few weeks have been beautiful down in Sunny Sussex! The sun has been out with very few appearances from the rain clouds - and I've been topping up my tan, well lack of it but attempting to tan up anyway! When I shot this outfit it was the hottest day of the year so far in the UK and it hit a scorching 32°c where I live... which for pale, fair haired little old me was blooming hot hot hot! 

I opted for an outfit that was light, flowy, bright and made me figure look pretty. I went for this gorgeous red dress which I bought from eBay back in December and have used for a couple of photoshoots as well.


Red Billowing Evening/Cocktail Party Dress, eBay - £18.99 (+£7 postage)
Straw Rounded Hat with Multi Coloured Bow Sash, Brighton Laines - £5Black Metal Brow Trim Sunglasses - New Look, £5.99

I chose to wear no shoes or sandals because it was so hot and I wasn't going anywhere. However I'd possibly pair these up with either black strappy gladiator sandals or white wedges for an all round summery look.

Also - my recent OOTW's have featured our other half of the garden which we have finally started making to look like a garden. Doesn't it look so pretty!
I love this dress because it fits my figure really well, and also hugs me perfectly at my natural waist accentuating my natural hourglass figure.

The beautiful bow sash on the back of my hat bought from the Brighton Laines. This hat fits magically, and despite not being a hat person, I really do love this for the summer!
I also just put my hair in some low bunches - my hair is super thick lately and getting super long, and I thought low bunches just made me look adorable when adding my hat to my look.

I opted for a casual no maintenance look for today, seeing how hot it was and that I didn't want to overdress either. In the summer I like to keep my outfits and make-up low maintenance as it is, and for me when my skin is in good condition I opt for just moisturiser on my face with no foundation or concealer.

Also! Don't forget your sun cream this summer - if you're pale and fair skinned like me you will definitely need that sun cream with the sun! Its better to use your suncream then pay for the painful sun burn later on!
I use a 'Nivea Sun' factor 50 Bronze and Protect sun cream (which is running low) and it works wonderfully for me. 

My poor dogs Freddie and Alice were definitely feeling the heat too bless them!

Emma Victoria xoxo