Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Why I WON'T Purchase Benefit Anymore

UPDATE - Benefit have personally emailed me and others who tweeted and/or wrote blog posts in regards to this issue. I have personally been in contact and listened to what Benefit have had to say in regards to what happened. They are deeply sorry and completely wish they could take back the remarks made. I'll be personally talking with them further on how they can redeem themselves after this issue. Watch this space!

Source - Twitter

So, It's rare I normally break my blogging schedule as I usually post
on a Saturday but yesterday there was an... 'incident' over on twitter which sparked rage with Benefit Cosmetics Customers in the UK.

The incident, for those who haven't seen or heard about this on Twitter; was in regards to this tweet posted by Benefit UK over on twitter... It may seem like 'fun' to tag onto trending topics on Twitter - but from a Brand who should know much better?

Yes. It may be 'funny' to some to follow this hashtag on Twitter - but you don't see a hashtag of #MakeaMovieASkinny (no offence to any of my slim followers - I'm just using that as an example on the other end of the spectrum).
Source - Twitter

Benefit promptly deleted the tweet - but that doesn't mean it went unseen. Many people picked up on the tweet and started tweeting Benefit asking why they made such a body shaming tweet considering part of their clients are plus sized or not of a slim build.

Source - Twitter
They then made things a million times worse for themselves at Benefit...

They apologised for 'any offence caused' - now I studied English Language at college and many others picked up on this as well... They apologised for those who got offended for what they said; not apologising for the remarks that one person on their social media team made. Sorry, really is the hardest word it seems.

So after chatting to many ladies over on my personal twitter I and Bethany Owen (a lovely MUA I was chatting to in regards to the subject) got a tweet from the Benefit US page...

Source - Twitter
Source - Twitter
Now I will definitely give credit to the US sisters for picking up on the damn right stupidness of the tweet made by the UK sister page. But really? Their US sisters had to apologise for the UK page?
Thank you to the lovely people over the pond at Benefit for realising the mistake was made... but I don't think anyone was really happy with regards to Benefit UK - why should Benefit US apologise for a mistake Benefit UK made?

They also sent me a lovely tweet (left) in regards to me saying how it doesn't really make me feel any better about myself after what Benefit UK posted.

Was it over? Nuh uh.

Benefit UK Tweeted out:
"We made a big mistake. We joined a hashtag in bad taste. We truly believe beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. Please accept our apology."

Frankly Benefit UK? I won't. I accept Benefit US's apology as they reacted as soon as they heard of the incident. But not Benefit UK.
You tried to defend your remarks by apologising for the offence people took - not an apology of your actions until around 12.30 midnight? Ironic no? That a majority of people would be in bed by then anyway - this tweet should've been released straight after the offensive tweet was posted.

They also tweeted me after my response to their second apology (see right) - I got the usual robot apology that everyone else got.

This was a mistake that could make people become self conscious with their bodies - you are a brand Benefit UK - what sort of idealisms does it give to young girls using your products if you post such offensive tweets?

Overall for me, as a plus size model who built up their make-up portfolio for me to do my make-up on shoots using Benefit products - I will no longer be using these products and I will re-build my modelling make-up box using other brands from now on. Cosmetic brands should be about making people feel beautiful and better about themselves, not make them feel as if they aren't beautiful because of their size.

Also as a beauty and plus size blogger as well as a body positive advocate - I don't stand for people to ever discriminate anyone no matter what their size. You should never skinny shame or fat shame - everyone has a reason as to why their body is the way it is. And as a brand with a PR and social media team you should know much better then to be posting such an opinion on these type of hashtags.

I fully understand that this was NOT the view of the whole company - however it was posted using the companies twitter page - not a personal twitter account. Which, frankly, is disgusting and completely utterly wrong.

I won't ever purchase Benefit products again, and will most definitely not be recommending them as a good brand to purchase from either. Despite having wonderful products, their reputation is completely tarnished for me and many others.

Sometimes something that may seem like 'harmless fun' - can hurt someone's feelings and mock their appearance. If you ever see something like this, then stop, and think how it would feel if someone had said that about you or someone you love. 

Everyone makes mistakes; but some mistakes are inexcusable. Sorry Benefit but you've lost the custom of this plus size model, plus size blogger and beauty blogger.