Saturday, 8 August 2015

New Look Mini Haul

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Today I came a bit unstuck for what to post, I have plans for other weeks, but this week I thought I haven't done a fashion post in ages (well one that isn't an OOTW). So I thought I'd share with you guys what I recently bought from New Look for some general wear & photoshoot wear.

1. Coral Ribbed Square Neck Midi Dress - £11
I've recently been liking more and more midi dresses as my figure and body have changed; and seeing as I had an brainstorm moment for a photoshoot for my return from my break I just had to get this! Over the past 6 months I've been falling in love with the colour pink - even so much as to dip dye my hair pink (only temporary till I start my new job in September!). I definitely loved the look of this dress, and I just hope it accentuates my curves as I've imagined it too!

2. Inspire 2 Pack Coral and Cream Lace Mesh Bra's - £19.99
When I got my new sports bra (review to come on this blog & my LiveHealthy blog) I got my boobs remeasured, and as I've lost weight, inevitably my boob size has changed. I've gone from a 44C to a 42D/DD - so I decided to just get some cheap bra's to see me over seeing as I'm far from finished on my diet. Again, I wanted something pink as this will go well with my photoshoot ideas!

3. Inspire 3 Pack Cream and Coral Lace Trim Briefs - £9.99
Not much of an explanation, other then I wanted matching pants with the bra's - although I did get a size 22 in the hope that my hips still fit that size because they didn't have any smaller sizes.

4. White Stripe Bralet - £6
I've been taking the plunge with crop tops more so lately, I had so many outfit ideas pop into my head when I saw this. So I just bit the bullet and got it - you never know! It may help with my body confidence more so!