Saturday, 16 January 2016

OOTW; Wrap It Up

Red Plus Size Bra (42DD), New Look - £12.99
Black 80 Denier Tights (L), New Look - £4.99

Main Outfit
Baby Pink Strappy Top (18), Primark - £1.80
Grey Pencil Bodycon Skirt (18), Primark - £2
Black Block Heels (6), Primark - £15

Jacket & Accessories
Woolen Wrap (One Size), Next - £Gifted
White Woolen Snood (One Size), Primark - £5
Silver Heart Pendant Necklace, Gift from the Boyfriend

What I love the most about this outfit is just how lovely it looks. You can look smart yet feel so darn comfy! This grey pencil bodycon skirt is my definite go to for work at the moment, especially with all the running around I do, I can still look smart, sophisticated but still be comfy and be able to do all the things I need to do.

I've definitely been on the trend of wearing wraps/shawls this year, I have 2 so far, and this was gifted to me for Christmas. I absolutely love how soft and cosy this is to wear! It's definitely like getting a hug when you can't get an actual one from someone. Cuddles me all day long!

Can we all take a moment to admire how beautiful my necklace is?! 
(Little secret, I balled my eyes out when I got this at Christmas!)

I've had a lot of "Are you're shoes comfortable?!" yes, yes they are! These stunners from Primark for a mighty £15 are super comfy and the absolute perfect height for me. They are definitely not too high, and are comfortable for me to wear all day. I can also jog lightly in them when required... Obviously not out of choice, but I have tested this out.

As you can see, I'm currently sporting a choppy bob and full fringe. We all know how spontaneous I am with my hair, and decided to go for the chop back in December; my hair was not in a very good state and had been through the wars a bit. To get my hair back into a better condition I got my split ends all cut out with a bit of extra length taken to make sure I can grow my hair beautifully.

My make-up is a simple Autumnal look, I've really just stayed in my Autumnal fashion this autumn and winter due to the weather. It's not been cold enough for big fur coats and elaborate winter fashion for me. I've enjoyed being able to play out my autumn fashion style a little longer then normal too! I've gone for some light browns on the eyelid and a dark brown in the crease blended through, in the small of my eye I've gone for a shimmery gold, blended through into the light brown and dark brown in my crease.
On my lips I began with exofliating with a toothbrush and proceeding to put on some Carmex lip balm. After a while I added my Benefit Rockateur Lip Gloss over the top for that extra bit of glam!
My foundation and concealer are both Rimmel in the shade Soft Beige and my eyeshadow's are from the MUA Palette's. Blusher is a combo of Soap & Glory's & Bourjois in Rose D'Or.

Lots of Love