Saturday, 26 March 2016

Irresistible Me - Hair Extensions!

I've been meaning to write this post for months but life has been getting in the way a lot hence my lack of blogging...

Due to recent unforseen events I've got some time on my hands to catch up on writing this!

(Super sorry to the lovely ladies at Irresistable Me for the wait too!! Much love!)


Back towards the end of 2015, I had the lovely Irresistable Me get in contact about hair extensions; for someone like myself who is always so indecisive about their hair, particularly when spending so long growing it out to drastically decide to cut it. Its always nice to have a back up plan!

I've always wanted some decent hair extensions (by that I mean ones that I can curl and wash and not go all horrible...) and this was when I thought I'd give these a go!

I went for 200grams of 20 inch hair extensions in platinum blonde.

It will be obvious in the photos that the colours aren't blending with my natural hair colour this is because I haven't got round to finding a dye that matches my natural blonde but with the lightness of the extensions it should be easy to dye and wash them! Although for the benefit of looking at the length you can determine easily between my natural hair and the extensions so you can get a good idea!

When the extensions turned up (if I remember correctly they turned up about a week after the order was placed) they were in this beautiful black box with the Irresistible Me". The extensions were sealed in a plastic bag with a tab that had to be broken to open them...

So, I proceeded to take the gorgeous extensions out of the packaging (they were in a netting to protect them) - I had received one 4 clip weft, 4 two clip wefts, 3 three clip wefts, 4 one clip wefts - so there was plenty to cover the whole of my head. (For the images taken below I used; one 4 clip, 2 three clips and 2 two clip wefts).
My natural Hair length (also excuse the ill fitting bra!!)
And now with the added extensions (before they are dyed to my natural colour!)
I wore these from about 1pm in the afternoon till about 7pm and they didn't hurt or pull on my hair. The quality of the extensions are absolutely wonderful and they are so silky smooth (puts my natural hair to shame - best get buying some more conditioner!)

I prefer to wear extensions when I'm doing my hair in a specific "style" or "do" particularly when curling it and pulling my hair over onto one shoulder, or a ponytail/bun. So I also wanted to see what its like when all gathered on one shoulder - I absolutely love the fullness of the extensions and the added volume and length it gives to my hair!

The love is unstoppable I have to say...

Again below you can see the complete difference in length from my hair to the extensions...

For someone who has had an up and down/ love and hate relationship with hair extensions these have definitely made me fall in love with these, they are comfortable, easy to style and the quality of them is absolutely fantastic - if you want some really decent hair extensions you have to purchase these!!

They are made from 100% Remy Hair and you can select how much or little you'd like to purchase, they were super helpful with my bombardment of questions about the product so never feel afraid to ask (even if you think it seems silly!!)

I got the Royal Remy in Platinum Blonde at 20 inches long...
Prices start from as little as $130/£92...

Thanks for reading guys!!

Lots of love!!