Monday, 13 June 2016

My Handbag Essentials

I thought I would do a post on what essentials I have in my handbag - I regularly get asked by friends and followers about what things I always have to have on me. So, it was about time I shared with you all what my handbag must-have's are!!

I thought I would use my current small little handbag as I only have what I really need in this bag (although it is a little bit like a Mary Poppins bag with how much stuff I can actually get in it!)

In the main section of my handbag I have;
- White purse from Peacocks, £5 - has all my cards change and receipts. 
- Pink YSL Bag (Details below!)
- Keys (with my cut key chains) attached is a USB stick & Tesco and Pets at Home Clubcards
- Hand Sanitizer in Strawberry Laces Flavour
- Polo's just in case I stay over someone's house and I don't have access to a toothbrush but don't want morning breath (morning breath is icky...)
- And of course, especially with me - you have to have sunglasses. These are from Peacocks which I bought for £5.

In my pink bag I have the other little essentials I need;
- Body spray - just in case as said before I stay at someone's house, I can freshen myself up and not feel yucky.
- Lip stick and lip pencil in a pale pink - always got to look beautiful!
- Nail file because well, if I don't take one its fate that I will break a nail
- Small tester of Black Opium - again to give me my sexy fragrance that the men can't deny!
- Pair of Panties - the just in case aspect again. I HATE having to put the same panties on the next day if I have an emergency stay over so I always take a pair with me - you never know when you might need them!!

In the zip compartment of my bag;
- 2 portable charges; one pink and one blue so I can tell which ones I've used and not have them the same colour and get mixed up.
- Of course, I have a iPhone charger kept in my bag. Don't want to hassle of moving over the same charger and means I won't screw myself up if I ever did forget the charger cable.
- I have 2 types of lip balm - a clear shea lip butter and a tinted cherry red lip balm that leaves a pale red stain over my lips for those times I need to impress a man
- And of course I have a couple of tissues... You can never NOT have tissues in a handbag!

So that's all my handbag essentials! As you can see I do have a fair few things I take with me but you can never be too careful - you never know what can happen! I can say from experience that when you don't have these things, I feel totally unprepared and thrown off my feet... so even if I do decide last minute to stay over someone's house, at least I have panties, body spray and polo's to make myself a presentable human!

I hope this has helped you if you can't decide what things you may need in your bag!!

Lots of Love

Emma V